SSSVEDA Day 21: Advice to my 10 yr old self

Today’s topic for SSSVEDA Day 21 is “What advice would I give my 10 year old self”. As it turns out, I have a few words of wisdom to share with myself and with my 10 year old and other children.

When we are young, we believe everything is possible but somewhere along the way we stop dreaming big and start thinking small. My 10 year old self needs to know that anything is possible and that we all need to think to the moon big – not around the corner big. Let’s dream big once again and work to achieve what seems impossible. Listen in for other words of advice.

SSSVEDA Day 14: What Do you Love About Work

SSSVEDA Day 14 asks “What do you love about your work?” If you had asked my 5 years ago, my answer would be much different from today.

5 years ago I loathed going to work each day. I loved the people I worked (awesome lawyer and coworker) with but did not feel fulfilled. The work was not difficult but required little thinking, little client interaction and certainly no ability to truly help others on a higher level. I was a real estate law clerk. Paperwork and file management.

So what does one do when they are unhappy? I sought out to find a way to satisfy my need for career fulfillment. Unfortunately, you can only go so high in a small law office without becoming a lawyer. So I took the LSATs and applied to law school. Yes. That was my solution. Becoming a lawyer would allow me to exercise my brain, meet with more people and become part of my community.

And then fate intervened in the form of my 4th child. I still needed a career change but law school was not it. There were other options to find fulfillment and do all the things I thought I could do as a lawyer. My path was entrepreneurship. Even that path has changed over the years but it has allowed opportunities I never would have dreamed of 5 years ago.

Now I do what I love. I help people who were me 5 years ago to find fulfillment but following the passions and discovering their life purpose.

Now I love what I do and Mondays are no longer dreaded but welcomed. Every day is an Awesomeday even when in an entrepreneurial down or rough patch. Why? Because I am in charge of my future and control my destiny.

Please take a moment to watch the video. This is me out of my comfort zone as I challenge myself to at least one video every day in April (VEDA). Still working on lighting, editing and more as I learn the best setting for each.

At the end of the video ask yourself “Do I love my work? Do I love what I do?” If the answer is No, it’s time to talk. let’s help you find your own fulfillment.