Gardening for a Better World

There is something about gardening that just makes you feel good. Maybe it is the thought that you have nurtured something to life or, with vegetables, that you are growing something that can feed you, sustain you.IMG_9097

Gardens provide so many benefits – food, herbal remedies, scents, nutrients for other creatures such as bees, reduction of carbon monoxide, a pleasing view and so much more!

When we tend our own gardens, we also reduce the need for imported food and, as a result, eat healthier. In Ontario, much of our food travels over 4000 km before reaching the grocery store despite an abundance of land – there is simply too short a growing season, a lack of farmers and a higher cost to grow local. By growing my own food, I reduce my global footprint. It feels rewarding to watch the garden bloom.

garden box

Need to relax? Spend some time working in your garden. Weeding can help your mind relax. The repetitive nature of pulling weeds, watering your garden and reviewing your plants can be very calming.

The world needs more gardeners. We need more people to grow their own food. We need the beauty and benefits plants bring.

So grab your shovel and gardening gloves and start your own garden today!

Bumps In The Road

As entrepreneurs we hit plenty of bumps in the road. It is seldom that a week goes by without some minor issue or frustration.

Road Bumps

Bumps are just that – minor inconveniences along the road of life. You hit one but you keep going. NEVER stop moving forward when faced with a bump in life.

So how do you deal with a bump? Or two? Or many more?

STAY CALM!  Assess the situatuation.

STAY CALM! It’s only a bump.

Eventually the road evens out and its smooth sailing – you just had to get past the bumps!

So know that life has its ups and downs, its bumps in the road.  Entrepreneurship is the same way. We can overcome anything when we simply stay calm, assess the situation and keep moving on.

Don’t let a bump stop you.