Living A Remarkable Life: Online Tools

Episode 4

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so how are you today Kevin oh goodvery good so anybody else who is joiningus welcome to living a remarkable lifeour weekly blab at 11 o’clock est andwhat is 9:00 a.m. mountain time andtoday we’re talking about online toolsbecause online tools are great way tohelp you live a remarkable life we needthose tools to really help us engage notonly locally but worldwide yesso Kevin we were going to talk about afew different tools did you want tostart this morningsure I mean I think we talked about thisa little bit in the past but in order tolive a remarkable life a big way or abig thing you need to do generally issurround yourself with other people youknow and get involved in communities ofpeople who are also you know working todeliver remarkable life or share commonyou know interest or passion with youand one of my favorite tools for doingthat is meetup calm oh yeah it’s a greatsite you know you can specify live inbigger cities like I do in Calgarythere’s 1.2 module so on you know youcan go on there and there’s over ahundred probably a couple hundredmeetups in Calgary in you know you justsearch for one related to what you’reinterested in talking about or evenmaybe just find one of you know otherother people who are trying to make adifference in the world or with nofollow their passports and if there is aone you can start one I actually havestarted a couple here in Calgary and youknow the one called Chowdhryworld-changers which is meant to youknow meet people who are oh it’s a majorpositive change in the world were solike almost 70 members in there now sothe meetup meetup is a great greatresource I would say oh for sure I’vedid lots of things through meetup and wedid everything from entrepreneurialmeetups with startup drinks tothings and we just had a great time madeAcamas an absolutely wonderful tool youcan always find something new thatyou’re interested in and join in thatway no doesn’t have Logan join us alittle bit today I had thought you mightgloss but die quickly when you don’tfinish your room no I had done I reallyperfect you go work on that yeahnever a dull moment when you’re living aremarkable life with no no yeah so Ithink we both had really busy weeks toand we’re just so happy to be heretalking again today um so I have a wholelist of tools why do I start missing youI may can discuss each one as we gothrough so just some of the tools quicksummary all the google applications areabsolutely wonderful Google Drive is myfavorite Google Analytics crowdfireelaborating oh yeah absolutely wonderfulboomerang for zero inbox HootSuite teachat dot IO for Twitter chats Evernote inif and of course blab dot I am so whatare some of the ones we’re going to talkabout today Kevin so I had to meet upand then also asana Facebook rescuetimesight blocker and WordPress so tell me alittle bit about the sonim so as long asthe task management but it’s asana aboutI heard the name but I have not used ityeah it’s a free fast management andkind of planning tool and basically youcan set up any number of projectsthere’s a free version of papers and usethe free version you can set up anynumber of projects and then within eachproject you can set up the tasks thatyou need to get done you can set duedates you can you know change the duedates you can add comments you can doall sorts of things that send emailnotifications so that’s where I that’skind of what I use to to set all mygoals and don’t worryroll it Kevin part of me we’re losingyou Kevin you’re losing me yeah you’rean audio-only with a poor internetsignal you can hear me so yeah I’m herea little bit scrambled but hopefully itwill pick back up soon and let’s keepgoing so maybe while we’re gettingpiercing look Oh renowned I can see youperfectly yeah I’m wondering I ran andis it Renardokay so makes you I cannot see it’s mineokay you seem to be coming through finefor me okay bye oh he don’t do thatyou’re on poor internet signal butRenaud can see you fine so we areabsolutely good we’ll keep going yeah soanyways yeah anybody have a free apt ifyou make sure the kids don’t come andinterrupt you when you’re doing a chatthey will be quiet for hours and as soonas I get on line with somebody it seemsthat the kids walk together so well Ididn’t do anything about that but someof the Google Apps Google Drive is myabsolute absolute favorite app fromGoogle because Google Drive alsocontains your Google Documents you canshare all your documents you can uploadimages spreadsheets do whatever you wantto do upload it to the cloud and thenshare it with whoever you want to shareit allows you to edit in real time sowhen you’re editing if you don’t saveit’s already saved for you and it’s justa wonderful way to work withinternational teams so I use it to workwith my international on to not chainwhere in all different time zones andit’s so wonderful that you can upload adocument work on it togetheredited make comment and then be able toallat once or at separate times and changethe information so Google Drive I wouldsay is my absolute number oneapplication and it now seems to supportuploading Word documents whereas I’d saywithin the last two years that’ssomething new because two years ago Icould not upload a native word documentand then be able to edit and share itthe same way as I can todayum sure it is absolutely amazing it isgreat news and it lets me have access toit anywhere even on my Android phonesand I love it for that reasonmmm mm-hmm um yeah I think another oneto talk about knowing that lots ofpeople who are trying to live remarkablelives are often very limited on theirtime and trying to balance lots ofdifferent activities and me beingsomebody who is prone to distraction attimes I find that I can end up you knowI go online to start researchingsomething and then I can fall into theblack hole of other information andother distractions so I started usingthis program called rescue time which isfree and it’s basically you install itruns in the background and it tracks thewebsites that you’re on and theapplications are using on your computerso at the end of the day you know youcan go back and see gives you nicegraphs that shows you how much wasproductive time and how much wasnon-productivetime and you know it can be prettysurprising that non-productive time whenyou drill into it to see how much timeyou’re spending on Facebook or readingthe news or whatever it is and with thatinformation you can use it to adjustyour routine and then really you knowopen your eyes to maybe how you couldget more productive if you spend lesstime and then hand it and what that isyou know I don’t know what web browseryou use but I use Google Chrome and youcan get extensions that you put on themto block certain sites at certain timesof the day you know if you want toreally zero in and do some work you canget it to block Facebook or Gmail orwhatever and set it at toilet yourcontrol and for me I find that reallysalsa – really willpower is one thingbut that really stops the distractionhas it for me now is that the one whereif you really really really have tocheck Facebook right that moment you cando it I think yes yes the the one I use- you just go in and turn it off butyeah I know there’s other ones where youcan do typing test and stuff like thatyes I think honestly there could be acase where you really do need to get onand do something but they do help put upthat first line of defenseso for sure because our time is Colomeimportant and it isn’t you can get sweptinto facebook or twitter and end upspending eight hours on it instead ofwhat you need working on yeah so alongthe lines of time saving time managementtools boomerang app for Google or forGmail is one of my favorites it reallyhelps with doing a zero inbox so ifyou’re somebody who doesn’t like to seeemail in your inbox but you don’t wantto just delete stuff at random youinstall the bloomerang app and then youcan actually have it come back to youthe flow email pops right back into yourinbox in two hours or two days or theafternoon so you can actually see itcome back and then attend to it thenit’s absolutely great tool for thoseemails you just don’t want to get to yetbut you want to make sure they come backto your attention and it keeps yourinbox very clean now is that is usingGmail that is that’s for Gmail only asfar as I know so have you heard ofGoogle’s new inbox like not there is noGmail there’s a new one called Google inBarstow yeah I get your point itbasically has the same thing you canessentially snooze an email and have itcome back to you at a later timemmm I only have inbox on my phone Idon’t know is it on the desktop as wellno yeah because I drop it on my phonebut I like the native Google Gmailbetter than inbox know enough I meanthat’s totally fair that’s somethingelse important to keep in mind withtools you know everybody is going tolike different tools there’s thousandsout there and you got to find the themix that works for youthat is so so very true I know when weget doing Twitter chats there are ton oftools out there for Twitter chats witheverything from tweet tap a few otherones I think that have now come and gonebut my favorite is teach at dot IOpaycheck IO slash whatever the name ofyour chat is and it just lets you followalong with everything and that’s replyto people and it just puts it in onestream it’s absolutely great for doingTwitter chats because I love Twitterchats but you need to separate the noiseso I used it in combination with actualTwitter so I can alter the responsesthat are coming in to the notificationsfrom where people are talking to medirectly versus that the chat in totalbecause tweet chats move really reallyfast if you have not attended a tweetchat try it and it can be absolutelyinsane with speed it moves and theamount of tweets that go out the otherthing I use for managing Twitter isHootSuite and you can use HootSuite forTwitter for Instagram for Facebook forall those things and what it does is itlets you set streams for differentthings that are going on – on Twitteryou can divide it into the tweets you’resending the people who are sending youmessages you can set keywords so you canwatch for words like entrepreneurship orevery time somebody mentions Katy Perryrandom random lot of people but you canset up streams specifically for thatinformation to come in the other greatthing about HootSuite is that you canschedule your tweets or schedule yourFacebook posts I highly recommend beingcareful with that because you don’t wantto tweet or post a Facebook post ifyou’re not really ready to respond so itcan be a good way to share articles andto have some type of daily presence or aregular weekly presence but you need tomake sure that you are available at thetime that your posts go on so you canrespond in real-time to people that’ssomething that is very very important isto be online be present andnot just be a robot pushing outinformation we need to be able to engagewith people when it comes active also atsleep sleep because you can cross postto Facebook LinkedIn Twitter things likethat you need to be very careful becausepeople do not want to see the same thingon every single platform and every postwill not work on every single platform atweet may not work on Facebook or maynot be appropriate for LinkedIn it canwork some instances but be very verycareful doing it and it is a great toolif it is something that you really doneed to push across your networksI believe you can put the sameinformation on each network but you haveto make sure it’s tailored for eachnetwork so be very careful using itagain it also is great if you have morethan one twitter account or more thanone Facebook account and you want topost the same thing across it again becareful because if people are followingyou on all those accounts they’re goingto get the same post three or four timesand now not necessarily a good thing sobe careful no and we have 4x alerts init in Nick and I see Christine wasjoined us as well welcome thanks forcoming so what is your next tool Kevinah I was going to talk about WordPress Imean I think writing about you know yourarea of interest that you’re working onwhen you’re trying to live a remarkablelife is another important step to takeand for me the blogging that I’ve doneis I’ve always used WordPress it’s quitesimple to use I didn’t use it for freeset up the blog in a matter of minutesreally and then just get on there andstart writing and you know it reallydoesn’t matter if you have one followeror thousands of followers I don’t thinkthe important part is just getting thatcontent writingit’s amazing what you start to learn andyou know discover about your interestline in the middle you’re losing meagain well it’s weird because usuallyone like my connection is not good ideawarnings and I’m not getting anything soI’m laughing because you soundso robotic and scrambled right now Idon’t know if everybody helps to hearyou okay but something weirds going onwith us todaynow it’s rambled as well it cannot itcan’t happen unfortunately yes it canso I agree WordPress is absolutelywonderful for blogging in content andWordPress themes are so easilycustomizable you no longer have toexpert in coding to be able to have awebsite and you can you progressed forstandard website as well as your blognow because now there is the option forstatic front pages which allows you tobuild a website with a blog insteadtheir themes are unlimited even thebasic free themes are good for advancedthemes you can pay like $60 for anadvanced theme and end up with a ton offeatures including online coursescheduling and things like that theplugins allow you to do so much stuffnow back to the actual blogging andcontent it’s interesting that people saythat you need to just keep putting outcontent and I think it’s something like50 dog posts before your site reallystarts getting recognized for contentand picked up by Google and things likethat so yeah so keep blogging ah pluginsI think it’s used but I’m still usingmake sure you keep updating it butdifferent plugins will allow you to seethe readability on the site scale andeverything else about your blog postswhich will really help with the SEO ofyour posts as well so take advantage ofWordPress plugins for sure make sure youupdate them yeah that’s uh that’s theplugins and those beings like to saythey’re great great great tool to usefor shareholders what else I will if youwant to talk about for toolsum well crowdfire app is one of myfavorites to Twitter hmm Oh crud fireapp allows you to see who’s followingyou who has followed you recently who isunfollowed you and a whole bunch ofother great information that reallygives you metrics on your Twitteraccount and what’s going on it alsogives you the ability to seewho has followed you so you can makesure you’re following everyone back youwant to follow and that you can also seeokay who’s followed you who are maybejust trying to sell followers thoseaccounts I can to right away becauseyour high followers just wrong I don’tknow how you feel about itbut you shouldn’t be buying followersyou want authentic set followers youwant people who are going to engage withyou who actually are there for a reasonnot because somebody’s bought themaccounts that have a ton of followersand only a couple of people followingyou I really really question becausethose are the ones that have likelybought followers it’s not important tohave a high collar account it’s moreimportant how quality while yourfollowers authentic engaged communityyou don’t want to fake communitycompletely agree it’s like my blog I’mgetting all these weird comments theNerdsI think automated or people justspamming blogs trying to get theircomment counts up to promote goodwebsites and you know it definitelydrives me a little crazy yeah definitelycheck out some of the WordPress pluginsbecause you can read some of those alsoyou want to watch for track back andpingbacks and a whole bunch of otherNavi things that just clog your filtersand put in all your comments and I hatethe ones selling health products orsunglasses system yeah there’sunfortunately there’s a lot of thosethings out there but this good tool tomanage alert to stay with the parties itreally makes you wonder about the peoplewho are judging things like spamming andselling all the followers there’sobviously a market for and it’s sort ofsad to know there’s book people outthere doing things like that I’ve nevermet a thottie who is but there’sobviously a lot of people who do spamlike just spam people in a bit and thatsad they’re not living a remark all likeoh no this is they’re not happyso yeah in a peaceful year I want toassociate with for sure for sure so wenoticed a mercylet’s be authentic and actually havereal followers that we engage withbecause we don’t want people just tofollow us we want people to engage thatto be part of our community yeah okaywell we have community to think anotherone that is important to mention eventhough it’s been around for quite awhile is Facebook I know why I’ve beenon Facebook for just coming up on nineyears and you know in the last couple ofyears I haven’t been using it as muchaside from guys definitely can be ahellhole yes and me you know i-i’ve beenusing it mostly for you know eventplanning and keeping in touch withfriends and family when I’m travelingbut then going the world dominationsummit I’ve definitely used it more forcommunity interaction and I think it’sgreat for that if you can get into somecommunities that Agenor supportive ofyou or are interested in similar topicsto you at the great ways to connect withpeople but even that can still becomeunmanageable it’s depending on how youhave your notifications that like I knowme I need to go grab my emails onFacebook so fine oh yeah yeah go aheadand yell learning to curate it is it’sdefinitely a skill because there’s somuch that can happen on Facebook and Iknow you can go on there to look at theupdates from you community and all thesudden follow ya fault fall intosomething that’s on your timeline andthen you’re all a sudden watching aYouTube video of a cat shooting lasersat mice or whatever but you know whenyou properly Facebook can be quitepowerful and Renaud brings up a goodpoint it you do need to prepare a toyour Facebook and your Facebook look atfrom a general point of view you want tosurround yourself five people who youwant to be most like I can’t rememberthe exact words but you know a lot ofpeople use for the most time worksperfectyou want to make sure that your Facebookis reflecting that so don’t add peoplejust because you do them in high schooldon’t add people who just want to beadded so they can spam you make surethat you have real valuable connectionson your feet and if you have familymembers that you need on there thatmaybe you don’t want to see stuff fromyou can do things like limit theirinteraction you can lock to my home youcan unfollow them I’m following it’s notnecessarily go over well with familymembers but yes limit the crap out of itso do it yeah yeah it takes a littleeffort but some this it’s worth itbecause yeah it can definitely suck alot of time yeahunfollow is different than unfriendingif all just means they don’t their postsdon’t show up on your feet anymore butthey’re still friends with you behindyou know women yeah yeah so you can havetheir posts so what you do is you go inand you limit it so they can only seecertain things you versus see all yourfeed which also helps cut down on itunfriendly too and you know make sureanybody that you’re adding going forwardyou know there’s also big problems withpeople duplicating other people’saccounts and causing a lot of issues Iknow at least 3 or 4 people it’shappened to in real life in my localcommunity myself included where peoplewill copy your pictures in your name andeverything else and then send out leanposts and things like that to otherpeople so watch that and if you seesomething weird from somebody who’snormally on your timeline and you likeand everything else don’t justimmediately react and think that ohthey’re horrible person I’m andfriending them immediately check becausemaybe they’ve been hacked or somethingso I always advise don’t be too quick tojump I had somebody who had unfriendedme a couple weeks ago because theycouldn’t see some post I had shared andit wasn’t anything I did it wasn’t thatI had limited them or anything and theythought I had it was just simply thatthe post I shared the sharing permissionset by the person who I shared it fromwe’re set to only share two people thatwe both mutually knew so don’t be soquick to react if you think your blogLimited or something then talk to theperson if they’re important to yourrelationship then talk to them or findout what’s going ondon’t just unfriend randomly if they’reimportant to you and if they’re notimportant to you then go ahead andBrenda confusion anyways the other isabout Facebook let’s talk about some ofthe other benefits so you have yourpersonal account but then you also haveFacebook groups and you have Facebookpages so with your Facebook group theyare absolutely great for onlinecollaboration for group mastermind orother common interest groups because inthe group’s you can discuss things youcan share articles you can run polls youcan do so many different things withFacebook groups your Facebook pages aregoing to be more for your business andfor your professional page and on yourFacebook pages you can do things thatcall to actions you can even putpurchase buttons and things like thatnow I believe booking appointmentsbutton is using some of the differentFacebook app plugins and that’s whereyou can create your true online presencefor yourself or your business so againyou’ve got your personal account yourFacebook groups for group collaborationand then your Facebook page for yourbusiness or organization your publicbaseso make sure you’re using those rightbecause if you’re using them wrong it’sreally not good I don’t want to seepeople using company names of theirpersonal page or using partial names orwhatever else be event I can be outthere and be who you are don’t tryhiding behind other names and make sureyou’re using the right account for theright purpose Facebook is cracking downon it too so if you’re using the wrongformat and they catch up to you youmight lose absolutely everything sodon’t take that chance make sure you’reusing it right and take advantage of allthe wonderful Facebook tools that areout there for the different pages ofgroups any other tips on page yesno I think just that it can be verypowerful just Asli manage properlythat’s really well so let’s talk aboutour other favorite social mediathing I guess Twitteryeah is there another doing some unfoldI think I’ll be inspired to go on andyes I am curated my list for a while buteverybody who comes up my list now orpeople that I want to have on there andI’m careful as I act I do as it is so ontwitter twitter is my favorite that’swhere I mean I think you’re much more ofa Twitter user than I am so I’ll let youtalk about okay so Twitter is the placeto go when you want to meet people thatyou wouldn’t normally meet that is thedifference in things basically it’speople you already know or really that’swhat it should be it should be peopleyou already know have already metTwitter is the way to reach out topeople that you have never met beforethat I want to meet so everyone fromGary B was absolutely awesome and willrespond to you to other people in othercommunities world domination summitwhere Kevin and I met that is how Ifound out about it I found out aboutthrough Twitter I found out about awhole bunch of other events andhappening through Twitter most of thepeople I have connected with in the lastthree years have all been because ofTwitter and all the opportunities I’vehad of all also being because of Twitterso it is a place to go and find of whatis happening immediately to find peoplethat you don’t already know and toreally get involved in the community youcan engage with anybody so that meansyou can tweet to anybody you wantthey might not reply to you but you canreach out to anybody you want no matterhow powerful or rich or famous they areyou can still tweet to them which ispretty interesting in itself andsurprisingly they will tweet back attimes so yeah the other thing I loveabout Twitter is Twitter chats and I’mnot talking about the Twitter chats thatare sponsored and offer all the awardsand prizes like a Canadian chicken chator Canadian beef chat or the target chator things like that where you take partin the twoparty and then you can win prizes and abunch of corporate propaganda trying toget you interesting different rocks soit can be very handy tool to use and itdoes definitely generate conversationquite good conversation at times but theTwitter chats I love are the ones whereyou truly get to learn from each otherand truly get to engage so just a few ofthe ones that participate in our mediachat atomic chat millennial chat em CEOchat which is millennial CEO there’spower of connection chat on Mondaymornings and then I also do a smoothchat which is just a really funridiculous chat the benefit of all thesechats is not only reaching out to awhole bunch of people and meeting peopleall over the world it’s also anopportunity to learn from each otherlearn what is happening in differentworlds my focus tends to be more onsocial media marketing so those are thechats Inman and also Millennials andentrepreneurship but through those chatsI’m learning a lot of information I’msharing my own thoughts I’m hearing fromothers and it’s a really great way tolearn information so I highly recommendif you haven’t tried to Twitter chat yetto jump onto one and find out what’sgoing on there is a Twitter chat foralmost every subject including blab Idon’t know when the blog Twitter chat isbut I know there is a black communitythere oh hi Thomasthanks for joining us yeah so youhaven’t used too much in terms ofTwitter but you’re on Twitter so I am soyeah but you know what’s something Icould stand to improve myself and it’sinteresting where social media in itselfis going Facebook and Twitter werenumber one and I think they stillbasically are Instagram snapchat arequickly coming on board as primaryplaces for Millennials especiallyMillennials love Instagram they lovesnapchat they love Pinterest they lovethings like blab and periscope andmeerkat and I get out their applicationto we should talk about meerkatat periscope and blab on live video ornot that’s great that labs got youstarted using Twitter so I’ve use labmeerkat and periscope what about youKevinI just love just lab okay so there’s alittle bit of a difference between allof them periscope is live video so youturn it on you watch it I think you cansave the video now but basically you’relive streaming from whatever you’restreaming at you can stream as long asyou want as short as you want and itseems to have overtaken meerkat whichdoes a lot of the same thing now I wentoffline for like a week and those onglobal there and I absolutely loved labI prefer blab of an article or meerkatthe thing I love most about lab is notonly the nice format but the fact thatit has a nice recording tool on it soyou click record you can record yourentire blab and when you’re done yourblab it sends you a nice little linkthat you can embed into your website oranything else I embedded into my website editionsharing their sales expertise andexperiences and that is something to domore no no yeah that’s great this is Ireally like block for sure it’s greatgreat platform is right and I think thisis what our fourth fourth episode is istheir fifth so yeah something like thatwe’re getting a little better at at eachtime and it’s coming a little bit morenaturally yeah so progress I know I knowwell do our washers have any apps thatthey would like to share that they usefor online tools or any other onlinetools they use this still online Renaud[Music]Evernote it’s on my list too to talkabout so I love using Evernote and if Idon’t use them often enough but Evernoteallows you to have a lot of informationI use one of the plugins and I can’tremember which one it’s for but itallows me to scan business cards andthen it also pulls in my contactsinformation from LinkedIn if they’re onLinkedIn and puts it all into contactlive and they absolutely love that Idon’t use Evernote enough and I reallyneed to use it more so if anybody hasany suggestions they send me a messagebecause I’d love to know more about whatyour favorite parts of Evernote are yeahI have a plug-in for whatever note likea Web Clipper so if you’re on a websitethat you like you can clip it and thenit saves it as a note within a givennotebook which works quite good and yeahI don’t know I just have like I’ve gotEvernote as a favorite or a pins tab inGoogle Chrome so it’s only open and thenI’ve also got the app on my phone so ifI have an idea you know I tend to put itin there and I have like brainstormingnotes and whatnot just to get it all inone spot because in the past I found Ihad troubles where I’d write somethingsomewhere and then something somewhereelse and it’s nice whatever no he’s notat all kind of together well I keeplosing you today Kevin I keep gettingyou a streaming there so the other toolI love to use in conjunction Evernoteand other tools is if IFTTT is the nameof it and with if it’s if this then thatso what it allows me to do is curatedifferent things into everything from aspreadsheet of new LinkedIn contacts andall their information to adding peopletogroups or lists in Twitter so if I wantto add everybody who tweets aboutentrepreneurship to a list I can do thatjust by having that code set up and itcomes in very handy program and it comesin handy to set other recipes so you canactually curate different information asit comes in from different sources I dorecommend it out and see if it works foryou but do be careful because sometimesit’s a little bit over-ambitious anddoes things you don’t want it to do oradd too many people or if you’re addingpeople based on a chat keyword when thespammers hit the chat feed they’re alsogoing to end up in your list which isnot really good Blackstock is anotherawesome tool as well I’ve used slackI’ve also used Babel for teamwork it’s alittle bit different but veryinteresting Yammer is another one I’vealso used it’s a little bit similar toslack if anybody is trying to schedulemeetings and need to find mutualagreeable times you doodle because withdoodle what you do is you send a fewsuggestive times and then you sendeverybody to link and when they click onthe links and they just pick what day’swork for them and that gives you the daythat works the best for the biggestgroup of people so it’s very handy youknowTerrebonne i’ve never heard of that highhuh I don’t know how to pronounce meRenaud what it’s just in about herelet’s have run on come on just so whatturbo scandal oh can you hear me up dowe have a picture yeah all right we canurea so what purple screen garbage themit allows you to it’s an iOS app and itallows you to take a picture of anydocument and turn it into a PDF andseconds it lines it all up I mean thereare few out there but I haven’t even onethat the the fact of the several scanbasically you can just put your paperand a flat surface or sometimes you canevenfold it up take a picture of it and itwill align the edges to make it a justjust a perfect sized document and andthen you can email it immediately or youcan you know save it so any any time youneed a signature from somebody I meansex is obsolete completely obsoleteright and several skin just makes thattransition into having no effect likehaving effects in your hand right or away to Skinner you have a Skinner inyour hand that you can just emaildocument to consign it email and send itover you need a copy of your license tosend to somebody can take a picture ofyour license and just send it in the PDFyou know and everybody can open itthere’s no no problem with thatnow that a guardian lutely off that’s byshoving my engine i’m crazy i’m losingboth of you guys are you guys able tosee me okay yes yeah we can see you wecan hear you do you and each other I’msure not just fine – hmm yeah that’s oddbecause both of you were on audio onlywith four internet signal which reallysucks because I love hearing about turboscan it sounds like a great program nowis it a free application or is it Ithink simple bucks I think it’s maybe amax of five bucks or something like thatit’s and it’s well worth the pricebecause it’s so simple to use and it’sso accurate and clearly like it I justI’ve had it since like the first versionand it’s never really had to change muchbecause they did it right in the firstplace opossum that’s just three dollarsand 49 cents yeah you are pretty prettyreact up really cool very inexpensiveand just a lifesaver yeah that’s uhthat’s a good oneyeah do you have any other a prepperafter online tool recommendations no Iyou know you mentioned the business cardone I think the guys I used to have a Ithink was card scan and they got boughtout by I think LinkedIn and then I thinkit just disappeared because I don’t evenhave it on my my options here which Iwonder what happened to all my contextand it’s probably here somewherehe may be a different name but yeahit would it would argue it wouldautomatically transcribe the businesscard and place somebody in your contactand then link it to their LinkedInaccounts all all the business cards thatI had I could just go through a list ofall the business cards I collected Inever had to keep one in my pocket butnow only what happens – yeah reallychuckles some of them completelydisappear yeah I think well there’sdefinitely no shortage of apps out therethose tools for everything and the thetrick is to find the ones that work bestfor you and not get overwhelmed becauseI mean we’ve probably talked about 20apps already today and you know if youwere to go and download or one of themyou could probably start oh look at ityeah you definitely have no chickenAppetitwe haven’t caller colour-coordinated yousee that yeah let’s try to drool butthat’s a lot of as pages and pages butbut um there is a I don’t know it workswith my head I know where the whitebackground ones are and the blues andthe Reds and I don’t ever have to go tofolders again which is pretty cool whichis awesome yeah no that’s uh and we alljust have to walk away so it’s alwaysgood to know new apps and find out whatworks for other people because it may ormay not work for us yeah what do you getrot box compared to all the other youknow like Google Drive a a paidsubscription for Google Drive or Dropboxor you know there’s another dozen of theamount that what do you guys think Iprefer Google Drive wherever I can useit it’s just so seamless and I caneasily use it with my gmail i can use itacross all my devices no problem DropboxI find takes me longer to access and ithas more limits on space I find yeah Ikind of prefer Google Drive as well justbecause you know I use Google Gmail myGoogle Calendar Google Docs you knowjust works well together to meyeah well companies that I’ve that I’veworked with usually have Dropboxaccounts so that’s the one that I’veadopted and I keep just because of thesharing documents with people that haveDropbox accounts I think that was thefirst one that came out that peoplereally engage with so I it seems like atleast in my world more people hadDropbox accounts than anything else andI think it was because it was the firstone to kind of emerge before GoogleDrive really came into picture normalyeah yeah it’s definitely been around upsee there’s another one we kid I’m gladI’m not the only one who had a kidissues today we’re not it seems thatthey really like to come in wheneveryou’re trying to do something isn’t itoh yeah my kids will pop into thepicture and just like watch and I’ll belike I don’t actually I have a plan Idon’t get one of my new yorky pieces andthey’ll put it in their year wellminimal a bottle of junior yeah yeahyeah I think it’s definitely somethingwith your connections is you also seemto be lagging behind a couple minutescouple seconds when you’re when youstart talking so that’s fine I can’thear you next you could have a like areally good connection but then justokay so I don’t know how our recordinggoing to turn out because on my computeryou guys are coming in completelyscrambled in terms of voices so well Iguess we’ll see you will see howhopefully it’s referring on blog serversand not on your computer because if youhadn’t get on me and that it’s just meyeahyour audio is just absolutely scrambledvery digitalizedand I don’t know how it works for therecording I know I’m recording am I inso I guess we’ll see in the playgroundat back how it actually ends up soundingyes but both of us will learn somethingWow yeah are you on mobile your desktopor Mac I have no idea what I said I gothere you are your own bestyeah I was breaking them for her yeah itis I think well I actually do have toget going I think here so I will dropoffs you guys keep on going I’m going todrop off well and let our podcast todayand we join us next Saturday at 11 a.m.yes p.m. yeah same time so come join usnext week we had on a topic we’d love tohave you join us again and with everyonesoon more feeling like yeah possibleokay thanks for joining us byeEnglish (auto-generated)

Living a Remarkable Life: Finding Your Passion Episode 3

hi welcome to living a remarkable lifeand where today we’re talking about thescariest part about being anentrepreneur we will be inviting peopleto join us in just a little bit sodefinitely stay around and take part andwe will ask you to jump on board and alittle bit I see we have about sixpeople eager to join us today it lookslike so are you ready for HalloweenKevin I’m readyhappy Halloween so now happy Halloweento you and happy Halloween to everyonehere as everybody knows being anentrepreneur is really really scarythere are so many things that happen inthe entrepreneurial lifecycle that thethought of being a becoming anentrepreneur in the first place isextremely extremely scary I know Kevinyou’re new to being an entrepreneur whatare you finding or some of the scariestthings you’re facing right now uh wellyou’re right taking the leap was quitescary I see it took me both three yearsto build up the confidence to make theleap out of my safe comfortablecorporate job into the printers yes andI did finally make that leap back inSeptember now that I am full-timeentrepreneur I’d say the biggest fearfrom is fear of the unknown and just nothaving confidence in yourself alwaysthat you’re going to succeed becauseit’s an accountant I’m intelligent scarywell for sure I know back when we werefirst looking at being an entrepreneurit wasn’t just our own fears about beingself-employed and having no secondaryincome it was also the fears of whatabout my familyhow will I support myself how will I paymy rent how will I buy food how will Ipay those other bills how will I get towork it to my positions what if nobodybuys for me what if I can’t find clientsthere’s so many what-ifs out there thatit becomes such a scary thing as wedecide to make that venture out and somepeople will do it in different ways somepeople will just totally jump inand give up everything everything’ssecure to go for something completelyunsecure other people will startbuilding something as they’re stillworking part time with another source ofincome and some people find that they’relucky enough that they’ve just had agood maybe a severance package or sometype of good money saved up so we’regoing to have Chuck join us now as wellso we’ll have him come on board andshare our job I was talking to talk theother day he’s definitely got some goodexperience here well you know that I gotthis so excited about blab because somany young people are doing the rightthingthere’s one thing that helped me in myteenage years addressing these questionsI guess it was help from the parents andteachers but we didn’t we never use thewords what if it’s funny how wordswithin how words can affect oursubconscious mind yeah so if if you justdon’t say what if to yourself in theself-talk just say Iowa and there was abook I read I wasn’t a teenager thanI’ve already you know had been inbusiness and it was written by augmenteeknow called the world’s greatestsalesman and the book has nothing to dowith being a Salesman it has being aperson and what I weigh nobody nobodydoes but both like because it takes tenmonths to go through the book and nobodywants to invest ten months today butI’ve done it three or four times severaltimes and the other thing I’ve done inthe last 10 15 years is I recorded thoseScrolls in the present tense when youread the book it’s iGrill wellI recorded it back and I am I am I amand this sounds hokey but you know Iraised a family we’ve been broke severaltimes we’ve always been in control ofour own income and the other thing I’mshotgunning here but the other thingthat’s important is- as you become an entrepreneur think ofvery small bikes there is so much BS onthe internet about this thinking big theultimate goal can can be lofty but welive day to dayI don’t live 20 years from now when Iwas 17 and started my business I wasn’tliving 35 I didn’t give a damn what wedid is we took the business we wrote wewrite everything down your business planit doesn’t have to be bank ready andthen you start picking away at it you’reeating that elephant one day at a timenow here’s what it does to you mentallyis you appreciate yourself at the end ofevery day and I don’t know Kevin broughtup the thing and so did Rebecca aboutyou know how are we going to get paidwell there’s one thing that we all knowevery person that listens to this hasthe ability to make enough money to besustained while they are building theirbusiness yeah and I mean if it’s themost menial thing in the world the otherthing I want to caution is because aperson may be taking that leap don’tever think less of yourself don’t seebusiness that you think you have todiscount your services you are sure thatwas so important don’t discount yourselfdon’t discount yourself but again it’soh I have never had the question in mymind what if I mean it’s really weird itjust doesn’t exist here I don’t allow itinto my psyche at all and uh you knowI’m not I’m not the world’s example ofsuccess however in my mind I’m the mostsuccessful person in the worldthat’s all that matters doesn’t matterwhether Kevin thinks I’m not the that’sa great point you gotta share you gottaset your own expectations and not worryabout what other people think it’s youthen you have to answer to you yeahthat’s very very good point Chuck yesthe other day I go thank you very muchbut we talked about bills and the othersI do a lot of consultingwith new businesses and have four yearsin the construction business what usedto be the de rigueur is a young man whowas a good carpenter was working for agentleman enjoying his paycheck beingpaid well and besides he wants to gethis contractor’s license because then hecan get the big bucks right yes and sohe gets his contractor’s license thefirst thing he does is he goes out andgets himself a new pick-me-up truckthink you got to have that dodge machineand he fully outfits it with a rack andgoes down and credit cards and doeseverything that is so on and in mostcases eighteen months later thatconstruction company is no longer inexistence hmm now I notice hey mygrandkids hate me to say this you don’tneed a new pickup truck to be acontractor you do need oh you do needgood tools yes the only thing you needis good tools good reliable toolsbecause what happens and this hashappened over and over again in thatindustry same thing in farming you youborrowedyo you stretched yourself and you don’tget that next job so then you lower yourbid for the next job to get the cashflow to pay for the mistake on the lastjob and to catch up now this applies Iused construction as an example itapplies to online marketing it appliesto anything it applies to the dress shopit applies to the tire shop it appliesto the coach kind of what I’m amazed youknow when I grew up there was the wordhas many coaches but else means to be onthe internet everybody is the coach butthat’s good I mean I think theenthusiasm level is phenomenal but yeahagain I to sum it up take small bitesget rid of any what-ifsuse anything in the present and not Iwill do this and then at the end of eachday give yourself congratulations forthe things you did right not the thingsthat you did the bumps on the road thesmall mistakes you made celebrate thesmall victories ready every day as weneed kneel down say yourat the end of the night thank you forgiving me the opportunity to do to havea great conversation with Rebecca andgather some outcome if nothing elsehappens today it is nothing else happenstoday in my mind and my mind is the onlymind it’s important to me it is – ishugeI had a great knock my wife walks behindme and sees that I’m talking to you inmy sleeping shirt and I put a hat onbecause what’s that yes and the dog ispulling on my on my leg gear for her -she loves to be on the river everymorning so I’m going to take her out ofher but anyway keep up keep this up andAugmon Dino’s book the greatest salesmanthank you Kevin for putting that up nowI suggest people everybody I challengeanybody to actually do the 10-monthsituation he asks you to read the scrollevery day for 30 days morning noon andnight there’s ten scrolls that’s tenmonths I have met very few people whohave done it but I will share with youeverybody I’ve known in my life theyhave done that would be deemed bysociety to be successful through onething we have one thing we have some ouradvantage is record each scroll aboutmid-month recorded listen to it once aday in the present tense I am I am I amI gotta go take care of the dog ThankYou kid yes no matter thank you forjoining us so that was great for Chuckto come on and share I know in myconversations coming up nowadays when wethink about what if we’re not looking atwhat us in a negative way but we dostill look at what if so I think ifyou’re using it the right way you canuse it still valuable it I can’t talktoday anyways but we look at what if aswhat if anything was possibleI’m sure though you have to be carefulhow you’re looking at it you don’t wantto dwell on the negatives you don’t wantto dwell on what if I don’t make enoughmoney what if I’m not successful what ifI can’t meet anybody newwhat if I can’t make payroll any ofthose things don’t look at it in anegative context but face all yourquestions in a very positive contextwhat if anything was possiblewhat if I was wildly successful whathappens when I am successful so insteadof I could its I would I may I will yeahand I think the language is a funnything right words meaning that thanks todifferent people but the point I thinkthe overall point on your mindset ishuge you got to have the right mindsthat you got out of positive mindsetbecause if you have that negativedoubtful self-talk this is you’reprobably not going to be successful so Ihave those trolls he was talking about Imentioned I talked to Jeff the other dayand I did turn them on and they arebasically some very good positiveaffirmations and you can find them freeonline often I’ll pull up the link hereand share it for people who areinterested but yeah let’s carry onperfect okay so scariest part startingout we talked a little bit about thatdoes anybody have anything to comment onwhat really scared them cause startingout if so at some point pop on ask aquestion I know I’m now in the nextphase of my life where I’ve started onebusiness I faced the scary part ofhaving to close that business and thatcan also be a very scary thing becausenobody wants to talk about failurenobody wants to talk about running intotrouble with their company nobody wantsto admit to others that maybe thingsaren’t going right and we really need tochange that mindset because every singleone of us at one time in our life willstruggle with something whether it’scash flow or finding customers or needto change to new product or service sowe all have those things and we reallyneed to share with each other to helpeach other move through it and help eachother find ways to push past thatproblem yep I think um I think that’s anincredibly important point and one thatI definitely wanted to talk about youknow in this age of social mediauh everyone likes to share the positivesand everyone likes to share the goodnews stories mm-hmm all by their naturedon’t like to share the tough times andthe hard times and the challenges rightyou don’t want to keep all vulnerableknow that you don’t think about what Ido that no people don’t want to do thatmost people don’t want to do that thereare some people out there who arewilling to be vulnerable you know what Ilike those people I like the people thattell the whole story those are thepeople that I tend to follow because Iwant to learn from people’s challengesI’m going to face challenges why notlearn from what other people have doneright one failure is learning you haveto fail before you can succeed andfailure is not a bad thing it’s simplylearning what did not work right that’sright so if something’s not workingchange direction do something slightlydifferent you’ll try again just think ifwe never ever did anything for a secondtime if we never tried again not asingle one of us would be walking ortalking or anything because we wouldhave gave up way back then we’re likeyeah is walking crap it’s too hardwhat’s wrong I just got to sit here myJolly Jumper I’m sorry yeah like we haveto keep going through life it’s allabout learning how to do somethingdifferent think of the great things atThomas Edison Alexander Graham BellHenry Ford all the people who inventedamazing amazing things we wouldn’t haveelectricity you know was on the moonyeahbacon Christopher Columbus destroy manyeah whoever whoever sail to theAmericas or in life yeah there’s a fewpeople yeah we wouldn’t have any of thatif people didn’t try and if peopledidn’t fail along the way what was itpenicillin created by accident yep yeahlike that is a major antibiotic that hassaved people’s lives and it was createdby accident that’s right oh it’s allabout failure it’s all about seeing howyour failure failure affects what you’redoing and it is really scary but it is abig part of being an entrepreneur wellif you don’t take those risks you’reprobably not gonna get all the successthat you want rightI actually worry a little bit that oursociety become so risk averse becomingso afraid of taking those chances thator you know always being politicallycorrect to the degree about everythingthat’s been been a lot of you knowpotential no life world-changing thingsmaybe longer because people are afraidof stepping out of that comfort zonewhen I think in Ontario anyways whenthey brought in things likeparticipation ribbons to elementaryschools it was no longer being rewardedfor doing really good for practicing andtrying really hard in succeeding insomething it’s okay well you showed uphere’s a ribbon here’s a t-shirt you’reall equal and you need to have thosethings that set you apart because somepeople will be really strong studentssome will be really strong athletes somewill be really strong in the creativeparts so you need to reward each personfor their own individual successes andit might be a small success for somepeople but it might be a huge successfor others look at the introvert goingto a huge conference for an extrovertthat might be no problem at all but foran introvert just getting out of the carand walking into that hall is a hugehuge accomplishment and we need toapplaud people for getting out there anddoing things like that people who joinus on the blab that is a huge thingyou’re coming on your short liveconversation yeah sure no oh I was justlooking for an article that I I knew I’dread earlier this year about you knowseven debilitating fears and challengesthat entrepreneurs often never share soI’m just going to paste the link intothe chat here I found it to be perfectyeah and I don’t know are there peoplefrom our audience I want to join in andtalk about me some of the fears orchallenges that they’ve experienced intheir entrepreneurial journeys we dohave a crummy Mohammad who would like tojoin let me see umsee if he joins end we’ve got quite afew people joining us todayyeah and what while we wait here whatwhat are you going to be dressing up asfor Halloween tonight or are you goingto be dressing outI am debating I actually have a headbandwith lighted lightsand I don’t know where I put it I’m notreally too concerned it looks like we’renot going to get that connection comingthrough offering you a you’re welcome tojoin us sci-fi funk come on on pleaseplease do join hi guys I’m interested tohear hi how are you all very good thankyou we haven’t met before on blab sothat’s not all we have it I love yourstudio nice and soundproof mine is notvery soundproof however no kids haveappeared this far you guys sound veryclear so that’s a good thing as wellthat’s good it’s good you knowacoustic foam tiles there you’re in theend my manual a view people yeah yes soyou took me back to a moment in my lifeabout 2007 2008 I first moved intomarketing and I come from IT so I wasthe stranger if you like and I wastrying to say to people and I had aspecific role which was to do GoogleAdWords and I said to people you knowwe’ve got to get past fear of failureand and I’ll just leave I would ratherleave than could play old file and Ineed to have the freedom to get it wrongyep and it’s they reservedyeah and they were very understandingI’m very pleased to say that she’sunusual for a large company and that wasa kind of marriage made in heavenand what ideas do you have forovercoming that fear of failure assomeone who doesn’t want to be trappedtherewell I’ll be a hundred percent honestwith you the biggest fear I think thatdrives people or stops people shall wesay when they are working is the fear oflosing their job losing their England ohmy word what we’re going to do now and Ithought I understood to start at that sowhat I did in my early twenties I’mcleaning onto my 40s now by the way justyou guys um I I just set about payingoff the mortgageI live a very boring life I don’t wanthow I’m getting about in America are youokay absolutely okay I know we soundAmerican I’m sorry I probably sound likeum from I don’t know somewhere inEngland – yeah so only you could losedown yes some people think I’mAustralian that agent was the same yousay you’re picking up that mortgage ityes yesno I didn’t it’s not like I’m fearlessor anything so I thought okay that’s myfear so I’m going to start me out bypaying it off so I just nicked up lifeand paid it off and you know whatfinancial financial obligations wordagedebt otherwise are a huge real reasonthat can yell people back and and youknow there’s no stepping around that ifyou have a lot of debt you may bequitting your job to start something newisn’t something that might work for youbut you can still maybe work on it onthe side come up with a debt repaymentplan like you said you spent a lot ofyears paying off your mortgage andliving a boring life that’s that’s thetrade-off you choose your made greattime same with kids and family yeahfamily yessorry Rebecca I missed your point it’sthe same with kids in the family sosometimes you have those debts that youneed to pay off plus if you’resupporting your family especially youngkids it may not be an ideal time for youto be going 100 percent into anentrepreneurial venture you may need tohave some type of other security eithera working spouse or an alternate sourceofincome or perhaps a part-time job so itis very scary and more so than justhaving yourself who is scared aboutlaunching into an entrepreneurialventure it’s also how are your kidsgoing to be affected how is your familygoing to be affected then you have totake that into account but you cannotlet it stop you it’s just that you maybemodify it you do little steps come onwith a 500 I mean I don’t know about youguys but I was so determined to do thisI I didn’t even have a phone well I haveto go run to the call box so that youknow anything to save money but I mean Ithink that’s a good point you know it’sabout making sacrifices with insituations like that most of us don’thave all of the financial means we mightlike to have and it means you’re goingto have to make some trade-offs like youknow having no phone or you know notgoing out for dinner three times a weekor who knows what it is you know look atyour own financial picture and figureall the sacrifices you can make in themand then push forward for sure and goingback to Chuck’s point to chuck wastalking about earlier people going outand buying a brand new truck to be acontractor no one’s learning how tostart projects using a minimal ViableProduct so starting with the basics notspending a ton of money on overheadthat’s one of the biggest failure pointsfor some of the big startups they spendmillions and millions of dollars onstuff they don’t necessarily need tobuild that minimal framework so it’sstarting small it’s using your minimalresources and going forward that way notspending a ton of stuff that you’re notquite there for and keeping tracking offyeah you know I’m sorry in business Iknow a lot of problems a lot of smallbusiness owners mages they don’t reallyknow their numbers and they don’t knowwhat I mean on the businesses and if youdon’t track that you know it can easilyget out of control so you know it’simportant to learn some basicbookkeeping and I know the numbersbehind your business because maybe youneed to be charging work you know maybeyou need to be buying a lower endcomputer instead of a toothdollar MacBook or something like thatright um you need good tools as Chucksaid also but you want to get the goodvalue for for your your tools you knowand you don’t need that brand new TV orthat brand new car or that latest techtool unless it’s something that’s vitalto your business yeah and it’s notsurprising how many entrepreneurs Italked to who have no idea whatdifferent things are costing them theyjust sort of push it all to a bookkeeperor they don’t even bother what theiraccounting it’s like how are you runninga business when you have no idea what’sgoing on in your business how do youknow you have enough money to pay anyoneyou know let alone anything else andit’s shockingly bad how many people livelike that definitely and then the otherthing is I think a lot of people theywant to look like they’re successfulright so they go out and buy a fancycars and the sentence and the fancygadgets and then they’re they got theirsall financed and they’ve got debtpayments coming out of their ears andthey’re really not making any money butthen you wouldn’t have been like WarrenBuffett’s of the world who live a modestlife but they do incredibly well hmmright yep and and then and and mostreally wealthy people a lot of reallywealthy people you wouldn’t know it ifthey were walking on the street I don’tthink because they live very modestmeans and that’s a bigger reason of whythey get to be successful right yeah youjust reminded me and again in my 20s I Ibought a Reader’s Digest edition whichsaid splashed across the front cover howto live like a millionaire it all soundsgood I was all excited and when I openthe place if it was saying right sodon’t spend on this don’t matter it isthat if you save all this moneyeventually the pot will grow you in acompound interest and I’m going to tryof course no that is absolutely rightthere’s a reason every loss financialexperts will give you that advicebecause it does work yeah well look athow much money we wastes on differentthings we don’t need every single daylike do you really need this gadget whatis the benefit of buying that so wereally have to look at how we spendnot only as entrepreneurs but it’severyday people and really evaluate whyare we making that purchase and we’vebecome such a disposable society that wejust keep buying new stuff we don’trepurpose anything we really need to goback to a time where we do repurposemore we do reuse more and we do valuethings that are provided from others orultimate sources and we value thedollars that we’re spending indisposable and also credit obsessedrating like it’s so easy to get creditcards and lines of credit that you canjust dip you can get the stuff but thenyou can’t really afford it right nowmanaging that debt I mean I I personallyhate debt and I currently have none umawesome and you know it’s served me wellso so having established that principlethen that then allows you to say rightnow if this particular venture goeswrong so what is yeah and that’s exactlyfor me and again everybody’s situationis different what needs to take thisleap I got to that place of financialsecurity and I know that if it doesn’twork out it’s okay life goes onyeah and so you can get it wrong con youand then that frees you them to becreative yeah you may hear you stand abigger chance of finding the Nuggeteverybody else is too afraid to go afteryeah yes and I’m currently on in theprocess of actually decluttering my ownlife because after 20 to 23 years as aparent I have a lot of extra stuff andin different conversations with peoplestuff actually can drain your energyoh yeah and it drains your focus so I’mnow working on removing a lot of theextra stuff for my life to free me upfor my next adventure for my nextmission so sometimes we need to look atwhat’s surrounding us and ask ourselveswhy do we have so much of this stuffaround what will taking up space in ourbrain in our lives and inner energiesthat we don’t need anymore so yeahyou’re absolutely right I’m going toshow you a searchplaying my desk I got this big pile ofstuff that I’m going through becauseit’s if I pay it does cloud yourmonumental archean and if it’s somethingthat you can make money off ofpotentially with to g je vais craigslistwhatever it is i mean i tell me hospitalslink trading cards the other day I soldit for 50 bucks took me like 20 minutesand it was done I’m goodso now that being said not everything isgoing to sell and you could spend a lotof time trying to sell stuff so if notsell and then you can donate it you knowfind like you thereafter find someoneelse who can use it right and getJohanna but to let it clear your mindyeah and it all goes back to when you’retalking about selling off stuff you nolonger need time is money and we have tolook at how much our time is worth inour businesses and their personal livesbecause if we’re using our time unwiselyif we’re going to meet everybody we canfor coffeewe’re wasting travel time we’re wastingtime we can just spending on work iswe’re doing accounting when we should behiring a bookkeeper or outsourcing itwith someone else we’re wasting timedoing something that we don’t excel atso Texas twice as long to do that so wereally need to make sure that everythingwe’re doing we’re doing to the best ofour ability and we’re sourcing out toother people where needed and you knowI’m not a great point and I think that’sanother thing that people can do isgeared up is there you can get scaredthat you’re spending your time on thewrong things right and a strategy I findovercome that is to write out what’simportant and then I can come back tothat and check in right if I startgetting distracted I can pull up thatlist and say you know these are my threeareas of focus right now it’s alignedwith that yes or no it’s not andadmittedly this is something I stillstruggle with but it’s helping me staymore focused and spending my time in theright area because that’s probably oneof my bigger fears is that I’m notputting my time in the right my rightareas because you can’t create more timeright that’s the point and then whatabout the disciplined sidesif you find that I mean my thing withthe discipline is nobody’s perfect and Ithink again in this social media Twitterdominated world people like to broadcasthow great they’re doing but everybodyslips out and I think it’s importantknowledge that you slipped up not beatyourself up too much and then just resetrestart and get back in you know I tryto come up with a plan every day for mythree most important tasks and I know Iprobably get them done 75% of the timebut having that plan helps me a lot andsetting attainable goals – you don’twant to set goals so big that you’renever going to have any chance ofaccomplishing them so set yourattainable goals for each day and do itthere are different techniques for timemanagement we’ve talked about PomodoroTechnique and we’ve talked about toolswhere we can actually block out socialmedia sites for certain links or timeand things like that so it’s thediscipline to make sure we’re using ourtime wisely and focusing that way youknow we also talked about if you’rehaving lots of meetings with people togroup them into groups so have 20 coffeedates or have one set day a month whereyou’re just setting up meetings withpeople if you’re just going to meet withpeople instead of doing one on Mondayone on Thursday one on Friday – nextweek and so on because it just sort ofit combines everyone you have onelocation they come to you and thenyou’re not going all over the placewasting your time and you’re yet mostout of it that’s a real good point I’veused that to great effect in my career Icall it batching it up yeah thank younow and secret for me I don’t know whatyou’re like but I if I’m not motivatedon something I think allows the job so Ilike they were motivated yeah but if Imean to be looking up smoothness orgalactically to go and I’ll just losethem all and I’ll do it quicker and thatwill free me up for more time forsomething else later yeah I think Ireally it’s a great process and actuallyit’s a habit really decided what to doand in building that it’s a pleasure tohabit it it takes time to getbut as you repeat and you do it more andmore it will become more second natureand and you’ll be able to be a lot moredone because for sure for sure so we’reabout halfway through what else do wewant to talk about scariest part ofbeing an entrepreneur you had mentionedKevin figuring what some out what isimportant and one of the things that Itry and use as I’m tasking things isadapted from Stephen Covey’s sevenHabits of Highly Effective People andthat’s the time management matrix whereyou have your four quadrants you haveyour urgent and important you have yournot urgent but important you have yoururgent and not important and then youhave your not urgent and not importantand when you divide your tasks intothose four categories it really helpsyou be able to figure out where theybelong because the urgent and importantobviously need to be done the not urgentnot important maybe things you want todo but they’re not necessarily thethings that you need to get done themost but the not urgent but importanttasks are the ones you really want totry and find time for yes yes for surelet’s see cash flow is always aHalloween moment for an entrepreneur orcash flow is really really scary andmaybe we should go back and talk aboutcash flow a little bit how things can gofrom being positive to negativeinstantly and overnightthe cost of unexpected breakdowns orunexpected expenses it can throw uscompletely into a tizzy okay write thoseout please or repeat that speech the skyand I have a link here I’ll just pull onthem yeah so there’s the link to theideas epic I already posted it earlierit was copied all the rules yes yes I’mcheating I already had it in my mindthat’s urgent importance okay look atthe links now that’ll be here that waywe don’t get injuryoh yeah castle yes cash flowthe bane of existence of manyentrepreneurs existence cash flow issomething that makes the world go roundit makes their businesses work and ifyou don’t have cash flow you’re dead inthe water at times so not only do weneed to prepare as much as we can fortimes of low cash flow we also have tobe able to weather the storm through ourown emotional rollercoaster of goingfrom highs and lows of money and ifyou’re getting down to having not enoughmoney to cover a month or two you’re abig trouble in your business looks likeRoss wants to join us oh okay well comeon in I don’t have any employee Rossyeah come on in oh there he isand anybody who wants to join us justask to join in and we’ll let you inHuayrahow are you we’re talking in person yayRoss and I are twitter friends and we doquite a lot of Twitter chats togetherthere you go oh yes oh yes I canactually speak to some of the cash flowissues I work for a nonprofit that had ahistory of cash flow issues and I workas a fundraiser so right now because ofwhere I came in halfway through the yearwe’re actually kind of in that similarposition and so it’s a scary thing forme but I know that we have a little bitthe bank that will cover us but the sametime it’s a lot of pressure for me toraise funds especially when we’rerebuilding a lot of relationships withfunders and trying to show that we’d bemore consistent and and they justdropped on me actually a couple days agothat they want to launch another socialenterprise so it’s kind of another scarything but yeah I can pull the totallyagree with what you’re saying about thecash flow so is anything individuallyyou screen I just handle those managethose fears live with those fears well II think the best thing for me is theylearn how to work effectively I used tobe a big big tweeterday but now it’s kind of pulled awaybecause I really focus on work and we’regoing in for next week we kick off ouryear year and giving with Gibby Tuesdayand it’s pretty very very big statementas the organization has ever done beforebuddy I try to prioritize and make sureworking effectively knocking and burnoutlike certain tasks and you know it worksout pretty wellthere have been actually a couple ofgood surprises that have come through wehad a lot of new funders that areproposing very large sums of money so webelieve Austin Turner ops but yeah thework has to be done between us so yeahand I think you know when you’re talkingabout cash flow and priorities it’s allabout identifying those areas that aregoing to bring you the cash and focusingyou know the 80/20 rule typically writeswhat a what 20% of your you knowactivities or clients or whatever aregoing to bring in that 80% of cash flowand focus relentlessly on those you knowthe 80 percent of the customers mightmake the most noise but those 20 percentthey’re the ones that are in help youbring bringing over the banks andnot-for-profits you have even morechallenges because if not for profitsyou’re so dependent on grants anddonations and on your fundraiser so youalso want to make sure that you’re doinga really awesome job friend raising andmaking sure that you’re doing things toshow that you’re valuing them and theirmoney and that’s for the challenge Ithink a lot of Napa’s get is that theytake the money what they don’t give outa thank you and yes that’s beensomething I always thank your volunteersyou have I think all CheersI’ve been very uh not absolutelycritical the very pushy about we need tosend all thank-you letters within a dayeven a donation because that’s selfishour thing to do and that’s when wereceived well but yeah I thought itmeans for me the whole thing is it’ssome new stuff it’s some old stuff andit’s a lot of interesting new thingsthat I’m learning on a daily basis -awesomewe heard silence here that’s the ticketyes only there are bombing on your roomsI hear I hear something going onAlison no I think it might be myheadphone my mouse every time I put itcloser seems to be like a bomb orsomething I have no idea what they’regoing on with itoh you know some sukiyaki something goodyeah yeah and I can’t get rid of it soI’m going to have to go buy a new mousebecause this is crazyyeah what can you do it’s a part ofbeing an entrepreneur part of thechallenges you see what works and whatdoesn’t and phony off out of the door isworking much better this week good yeahyes that is my little doctor noise thisweek I know it’s weird there’s no kidsscreaming their heads off oh let’sit’s all part of managing your familyright that’s what he’s thinking aboutthe might I actually I do the IT for theorganization – and I spent two weeksjust fixing computers and take a littlecard and it was uh so yeah I totallyunderstand like boxes of parts and it’slike okay what can I do and what can Iput in and make this thing work and lastmaybe a couple more months so that’s thepolitical they’re just a lot of anotherfear maybe that’s where you talk aboutit is the fear of what other people willthink you know about is that you’redoing what you’re up to it’s definitelyone of the ones I struggle with besidesI’m going to become a coach no it’ssomething else that you guys want tocomment on I think we all share thatsame fear we all are afraid of whatother people will think of us they’reafraid of whether our idea is goodenough and what we’re doing the rightthing and we really have to just shakeoff those thoughts and just be authenticto ourselves believe in ourselvesbelieve in what we’re doing and goforward as long as it’s not mortallywrong or morally wrong then you’re goodgo ahead and try itlisten to other people’s advice but keepmoving forward and yourself to go withit don’t let other people bring you downit’s actually be yourself Athenain working point there it is ready toget by some other people I totally agreebut nobody else is you race we are allunique you know we all bring our ownstrengths to things so it’s definitelysomething that I faltered into at timesis people offer me advice and I take itlike it’s the gospel but it’s not that’stheir experience and and what’s workedfor them doesn’t necessarily ministeryeah well we have to remember that a lotof people know nothing yeah definitelyput like nobody is perfect no we all arelearning and just because somebody sayssomething to you doesn’t mean it’s rightdoesn’t mean they’re doing it right theymay have no idea and they may be flyingby the seat of the plant at their pantsjust as so many people are we’re alllearning we all know nothing that’sright and we can just keep learning andjust because someone has a couplethousand Twitter followers or somethinglike that doesn’t mean that they youknow they’re the one that you the Guruthat you need to listen to right youdon’t know like you know when one is outfrom your own experiences but but yeahthat fear of always pleasing people Imean I’m a people pleaser and it’s hardit’s definitely something I strugglelooking to get to push through and allowmy authentic and unique words to comethrough world know I’m with you aheadJames just commented that according toRebecca most people are stupid so yousee that for sure Jim Haley no but mostof us we don’t know everything whetherwe are struggling and we’re trying tolearn as we go along so we’re alllearning yes and I think Charlene makesa very great point about no need to goit alone mastermind groups you know anyany kind of group even this like havinga blab Linda’s to come on and shareideas and and help each other outum can go a long way to pushing throughthose fears I know for me things I’vejoined a few mastermind type groups inlast few months I’ve made way moreprogress than I did in the previous yearum so yeah I think that’s a fantasticpoint shownyeah yes for sure and I know that youare mentioning what if people didn’tlike your idea or not feeling confidentmaybe you need to find a different groupof people and it’s so important tosurround ourselves with the five peoplewho will really lift us up and reallyempower us to move forward so we need tofind people who are thinking in similarmanners because if they’re not thinkingat the level we’re wanting to go to it’sreally not going to help us along theway it’s just going to bring us down andhold us back further yeah you’reabsolutely right and and then going intothe customer or donors here you’re notgoing to please the entire populationyour products not going to be foreverybody your service isn’t going to befor everybody but you know there’s likethree hundred fifty four million peoplein North America if I can really clearup whatever it is our tip is huge andwith the tools that we have today theability to connect with that market isincredible and whatever your niche is aslong as you can connect with that nicheand curves that Anish that’s what’s beenagain you don’t have to worry about andthat’s an okay job the ideas that I’vediscussed with those back go to is thatit’s locally one of the fives where Idid when I was looking for a job aftercollege I started out would become witha route planner when I was in school andthen halfway through of like I think abetter nonprofit I’m on to the programmanagement and then I somehow got aninternship as a fundraiser now I have ajob too with that so that’s kind ofwhere I fit in and I think anotherstruggle that entrepreneurs have is thatthey try to do everything to try to bean actor Edison gave it I fallen intothat pretty much all maybe really sweetif I knew how to like hold all theseextra platform do it I’m like you knowmaybe that’s not the best approachit’s better for me to you know come upwith the ideas you know how systems workand then reach out to people that knowit better than me because I’m not goingto be the expert at it okay not rejectedI’m definitely making stuff for sure andeven when we are experts at thingsI know lawyers who do things for aliving and know all the information butthey will still consult with otherlawyers and say okay is this right iswhat I thinking is that the right thingthat I’m thinking is that the way Ishould be approaching this problem andyes they validate their ideas with eachother so that sort of goes back to bythought that we nobody knows anythingbecause we’re not always sure of what noyou’re doing and we need people tovalidate it and say yeah we are doing itright you’re right and I think yes evendoctors practice nobody is an expertexactly and that’s more the point I wastrying to make the interesting thing Ithink that happens though withentrepreneurs is there’s also that fearof giving up control right so althoughyou’ll acknowledge that you’re not anexpert at everythinggiving up the control and maybeoutsourcing a little bit is somethingthat a lot of people myself includedstruggle with right because you knowit’s hard but you have to trust thesepeople that you need to outsource sinceyou are expert or reason they know whatthey’re doing right nowand they’re going to save you probably alot of time mm-hmmyeah like handing over your baby yeahit’s a little bit scary to hand oversomething you’ve worked so hard on andthen put your everything you’ve builteverything you’ve put that into somebodyelse’s hands to take care of somebodyelse to look after apart it’s whenyou’re doing something big doing aproject it’s really really hard todelegate certain things because you’reafraid it’s not going to be done rightyou’re afraid they’re going to drop yourbabythat they’re going to do something wrongand feed it candy or I don’t know nowthat it’s a genuine concern and we haveto be able to learn how to let go butlet go buy out some research and whowe’re letting it go to don’t just giveit to someone because they’re like yeahI know how to do building website orbuilding this or do accounting make surethat they actually have the backgroundof the experience so you know thirdsmallgive them a little peace initially andand your sentence you still retain theultimate final stay right and then letthem earn your trust and slowly givethem more and more and then you you knowtrying to ease into it right you knowand I do think it’s a good idea to tryand know a little bit about what you’redoing or what you’re handing out not somuch that you’re an expert or you wantto get in the way but more just to knowa little bit so you understand theprocess because it makes it a little biteasier if you understand some of theprocess or understand what they needfrom you in order to do their job whyI’m learning can hey man hi Ross what apleasureum yeah look III put that handing overyour baby team because I think that’swhat it feels like whenever you give youa business over there’s somebody else tojust admit like employing employeesisn’t that what you bring someone elseinto the thing that you credit you’renurturing and building and wanting togrow that feels like you’re handing overyour child but at the same time as amanager you can define the parametersand there lies the difference that thatif I can define what I want to achievethen I’m not hanging on my baby I’mhanding over a goal that’s really momentI guy allow my employees to see what wewant to achieve in this business themoment I hand over that what I want toachieve my advertising what I want toachieve is like my production and andwhat photos I want to make so that isn’thaving area baby at setting a goal orTarget or something that we can all aimfor and that’s just a different feelingyes and I think that’s a great point youknow clarify those expectations make itvery easy to understand and you’re goingto give yourself a lot more culture giveyourself a lovely comfort in having anofficee okay surewhat is that weed taking I’m waiting forsomething to go boomyeah yeah I’m right here taking I’m justhearing a thuds and I don’t know if it’smy headphones or it’s much yeah I’ve gotthat checking or key here too I hearI don’t hear the chicken I just hear myown headphones and don’t worry there’snot a bomb buried under your desk that’sokayOh a lot of coughs saw it ah well that’sgood it could be something buried in myoffice it’s chaos in here okaybut yeah well I guess we’re near the endof the show for todaydoes anybody have any other questions oranything that they want to throw in thefeed or big fears that we didn’t get onyeswhat are your nesting every year um theother few that I think entrepeneurs feelis that success is their success thatoften um so if you running a businessand make a profit that feeds your familythat that might not you might havestarted a startup that wasn’t goo it wasthe other search engine you created Bingyeah perhaps see it at the same time youstill created something and it’s okaynot to be the leader if they can benumber two we’re number two it’s okaynot to be that guy but if you’re feedinga family and supplying them yes and andemploying people or grabbing somethingthat is a culture of of greatness yeahit’s okay not to be number oneyeah and so on yeah to find your ownsuccess rely on exactly nothing or yesit doesn’t matter how successful you areto everybody else that’s how you will beyour own service and it’s through ifit’s running a mom-and-pop traditionalbusiness and you’re able to support yourfamily from it then that is perfect ifyou’re able to support your family for acouple years and then you need to closeit that is absolutely amazing toobecause you took the effort to make ithappen you were able to make it work andyou were able to do it for the length oftime you did and it’s okay it’s okay tofail it’s okay change direction it’sokay to say it’s okay time to stopfighting I’m not sure you can call Bellait’s okay to pivotso they say I ran a business for fiveyears and I pivoted into a job that’sokay that is true and that’s failure ismore of a pivot it’s trying somethingnew yeah I just think that we asentrepreneurs we think I I did this itdidn’t workI’m a failure and that’s not what it isI did this it didn’t want and I triedsomething else yeah it’s not like yeahLee right Ross wake upno way ah we’re putting poor Ross tosleep here no I was distracted here nobut I I agree with not being the biggestour organization and actually quite alot of people hundred million dollars ayear which is pretty it’s a good sizebut when I tell people ow we thought youwere bigger because if we have brandrecognition you may be selling magazineon the streets of Chicago’s or vendorsand that’s pretty much our brandrecognition so I’ve had a lot ofdiscussions because we’re going to intoa strategic planning phase of with modelhusks and a couple other key people andI chose the question who really need tobe the biggest because we have threeother organizations that are a lotlarger yeah that are a lot morevulnerable to government funding issuesbecause right now the state doesn’t havea budget and a lot of nonprofits are notdoing well because of that because it’snot going to payment and nowhere itwe’re in a pretty good place can get alot of private funding so it’s been aquestion it’s a post and when I posedthat the reception’s they’re like wellokay we don’t need to be but we stillneed to be unique and what we do andfind you know something else to expandupon so that’s the good thing it’s justsomething that I totally agree with itnot be the biggest to get a bit lateryour special spot owes yes yeah for surewell I think that’s a very great greatdiscussion this morningit certainly was and we need to justkeep going and talking about it being anentrepreneur is really really scary andhaving conversations like this where wecan talk about our fears talk aboutthings that other people are goingthrough is a great way to move forwardand help each other so I’d like to seeus do more talks about what issuespeople are having in their ownbusinesses in their own lives becauseit’s all part of living a remarkablelife you need to get through those fiveparts as well yep and shenyang you’reabsolutely right and authenticallysharing like this and you know gettinggetting experience from others andknowing that you’re not alone just sofar to share all deliver remarkable lifeyeah we’re coming up to the top of thehour so I think it’s time to say bye toall of our wonderful viewers and guestsThank You teaming Ross yeah and foreveryone who joined us earlier we reallyappreciate itand I will be back and Chuck of courseChuck’s back from his walk it looks likeso thank you as well and sci-fi – Ican’t remember your name so good luck toeverybody in the next week and we hopeto see you back here next Saturday at11:00 a.m. est or 9:00 a.m. PDT and anyother closing words everyone I gottafind out how soon does that thing withtheI’m just rained on there I think that’sokay but I are freaking awesome I haveum technical wizardry but I will happilyshare with you but that’s not the end ofthis place yeah yeah you’re not goingbutton and I will give you perfectdefinitely okay well I think that’s itfor tonight here this morning you havehappy Halloween everybody have fun don’teat too much candy yep well why did youstart it okayEnglish (auto-generated)

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