3 Ways Blocks Affect Business

Your business offers amazing programs and services but just can’t get people through the door. Why is that? What is keeping people away? The answer may not be what you think.  A number of blocks (or perceived blocks) can keep potential clients away. let’s look at three blocks below.

Physical Blocks

Location. Location. Location. This is the cry we have heard for years from business owners everywhere. Is your business located in an area that is:

  • easy to get to by bus, car or on foot?
  • has lots of parking nearby?
  • easy to locate?
  • accessible for those with disabilities?
  • near other activities or destinations?

A bad location can hamper business, even if your product is unique enough that people will come to you. While being outside of town or having a home business location may be more affordable, it may also be a detriment.

Mental Blocks

Finding the right space is daunting enough but what about mental blocks your customers may experience? Many mental blocks are not obvious but can have a huge impact on your business. Would you think twice about going to a location:

  • behind a pay gate
  • located inside a large institution such as a college (if you are not a student)
  • with limited parking options
  • with only paid parking options
  • in a “bad” part of town
  • located next to a perceived sketchy business

While these perceived blocks are nothing serious, your potential customer may still develop a mental avoidance. Mental blocks can limit your business.

Design Blocks

Design can have a huge impact on new and returning clientele. Have you ever been to a business that makes you uncomfortable? Perhaps the layout is too crowded or the colours or sounds are anxiety inducing. Here are a few commong design issues:

  • Poor layout. this includes a crowded store, too small or too large aisles, awkward spaces and forcing people to go left when the majority of people tend to go to the right when they enter a store.
  • Color scheme. Some colours invoke calm while other invoke anger. Your colour scheme can affect the vibe of your store.  Choose carefully to ensure you are setting the right tone for your clients.
  • Lighting. Again, make sure your lighting reflects the correct mood.  Are your lights too dark  (not enough light), too yellow, too white?
  • Sound. Too quiet? Too loud? Poor music choice? The right level and type of noise will make your clients feel welcome.
  • Physical and mental access blocks. Having a counter or desk at the entrance of your business may be a good idea provided you have the right space. But, have you considered how that same counter or desk may act as a perceived block if you wish people to enter the space behind the desk.  Placed incorrectly, this welcome area may be that one item that makes people feel unwelcome – it becomes the gate to access.

Whether the block is physical, mental or simply perceived, it can affect how people access your business and whether they will return.  Think about a time when you allowed your destination to be blocked by one of the above issues. Was there a lack of parking? Did you need change for the meter? Was the location was too dark inside? The music too loud? Why do you choose a particular coffee shop or restaurant? Do you shop based on store design and available parking?

We all make choices everyday influenced by our comfort levels. Blocks affect our comfort and can alter our choices. Consider the blocks that may affect your business.