CONTEST: Win a spot for your child in Young Entrepreneurs Camp

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Child Young Entrepreneurs Contest

Did you have dreams as a child? What did you create or wish you had tried? Did you have a paper route? Did you cut grass? Make bracelets? Babysit?

Do you remember why you wanted to raise money back then? Perhaps it was for a special bike or to help those in another country? Or maybe you just liked the idea of making your own money. Regardless – you possessed the entrepreneurial spirit – the mindset to make things happen. Now imagine having a little more support to think even bigger!

Next week marks the launch of our Young Entrepreneur Camp for kids age 9-14. This program introduces youth to the concept of entrepreneurship and allows them to explore potential money making or world changing ideas. With technology, each child now has an opportunity to think globally and connect with others like never before. This opens up opportunities to sell online, create videos, share tech expertise and so much more. Traditional style businesses can be set up faster with a further reach.

During the week, we will explore your child’s interests through vision boarding, discussion and other exercises. Then, along or in groups, each child will have an opportunity to create an idea and move it through the business process using the business model canvas. Social media safety, basic web design and video guidance will be added later in week. By Friday, each child will have prepared a video pitch to share with friends and family. Will you invest in your child’s idea? Whether they move forward with an idea or not, your child will possess additional skills to help in future education and employment. Win – win!

At EntreLaunch, we support youth from all backgrounds. We are giving away 2 tickets to next week’s session via Rafflecopter. Simply follow the directions below and don’t forget to like our Facebook page here

We are also accepting submissions for 2 scholarship students. Please  email and tell us why your child needs a scholarship to attend.

Good luck to all!

Contest closes July 21st at 8pm!

Please enter at the EntreLaunch site:

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