Living a Remarkable Life: Episode 1

there we gomorning Kevin how are you I’m doing areyou I’m goodthat’s good yes so we’ve got a couplepeople who have already joined us todayyeah you’re all awake and everythingit’s early where you are correct that’suh 8:30 in the morning but I’ve alreadybeen awake for almost three hours so youknow it’s all goodah that’s good that’s good yes yes ohthat was my son who just popped in for amoment say the more the merrier exactlyexactly so we’re going to talk aboutliving a remarkable life today soundsgood to meyes so we’ve had a few questions alreadytom in Boston wants to know how do welive a remarkable life that’s a prettygood question I would say yes I don’tknow if you’ve even seen your motor fora couple minutes already a few daysthoughts to start us off oh sure flip itback to me right yeah so living aremarkable life it means living a lifethat’s more than just working for moneyeach day that’s more than just workingthrough life we want to be giving backwe want to be living actively so notjust living chained to a desk not doingsomething you hate and just feelinglocked into one place it’s actuallydoing things to help others doing thingsto actively live and enjoy your life andhelping others do it at the same timeyeah I think I think we stay activelyliving and enjoying your life that’s apretty important point okay I mean Ithink remarkable life is like you saysomething that makes you happyum the life that you’re living on yourterms instead of the terms of somebodyelse’s so for you and yeah often notdefinitely involved helping other peoplefor sure I think there’s lots ofresearch and studies out there that havebeen done that show that you know youonly a certainwe’ll income to achieve decent level ofhappiness and then above and beyond thatit really doesn’t make much of adifference and it’s really the helpingothers that makes a big difference inyour you know your happiness in yourenjoyment of your life absolutely forsure and I’m getting back one of thethings I find too is that you don’t haveto be doing that as a full-time jobnecessarily you can be doing whatever isremarkable in your life on the side soif your job is not something that you’refully passionate about but it pays thebills and you like who you work withthat’s good but you can finish findingthat fulfilment that self fulfillment bythe things to do outside of your jobs sotaking part in volunteer activities orleading a youth group or even helpingeach other on social media and thingslike that there’s so many things you cando to really create an impact andprovide not only self fulfillment butalso provide assistance to others andwe’re not talking about band-aidsolutions where you’re just donatingfood to a food bank but actually helpingpeople find ways to solve the pot solvepoverty or find ways to reduce whatthey’re spending on groceries each weekor to find better employment all thingslike that so ya know I can cure yourgoing on you know everyone’s in adifferent situationand it’s hard you know in North Americaespecially I think to maybe make it afull-time job for you know doing thingsthat are helping others because we dohave the burn a certain level of incometo maintain our you know standard ofliving and for a lot of people it can bea full-time job so I think that’s agreat point that some you know it’sdifferent for it’s different foreverybody and how you go about you knowliving the living a remarkable lifethere’s no set formula that you canfollow it and you just have to you knowstart trying things and unfollowing youryour gut and your your instinct thethings that make you feel good thatyou’reand um and then see where it leadsexactly and it also can depend on whatyou have in terms of family ordefendants ooh like myself I’m comingwith a husband and four kids so thatmeans what I need is a minimum to liveor survive to put that housing and foodon the table is going to be differentfor somebody who is single and doesn’thave any dependents so you’re differentthan me I mean I’m not single out agirlfriend but no kids you know nomortgage no debt fortunate financialposition that’s allowing me I’m puttingmy job to go all-in on you know tryingto live a remarkable life for the nextyear and seeing what what happened butthat’s my situation and that’s somethingthat I you know I realized I’m forcingit that I can do but again it’sdifferent for everybodyso figure out what makes works for youand your situation and start doing it sotell me a little bit about what you’redoing to live a remarkable life how areyou living a remarkable life uh well I Iguess how am I currently living aremarkable life I really since I youknow came into adulthood or whateverwhen I finished University and startedstarted working full-time and earningmoney I really have always preferredspending that money on experiences overacquiring you know material possessionsand a lot of experiences for me has beentraveling around the world you know I’vebeen to 30 countries now experiencingother cultures meeting all sorts ofdifferent people and then bringing thoseexperiences back with me and sharingthem with others that I you know friendsfamily what have you I’ve done someblogging but it hasn’t gotten tosuccessful yet them so that’s one wayyou know just getting outside of NorthAmerica and getting differentperspectives on how you know differentpeople live their lives it’s quitevaluable experience I think it would benice if everybody can do it in myopinion clips you know and I do time toshare that with others so that’s kind ofaass going forward you know I’ve beenkind of searching the last few years tofigure out what exactly it is that Iwant to do more full-time you know tocontribute to the world making of makingthe world a better placefollowing my passion all that sorts ofthings than it is around helping peoplefor sure you know I know I want to helppeople improve their lives and if Ibounced around from a few you know areasfrom personal announcer a little bit toproduct to Good Eats but now that areaI’m really excited about and interestedin is helping introverts kind of gainconfidence and and get more comfortablein sharing their unique talents andgifts with the world I’m a fairlyintroverted person but I’ve over thelast 10 years or so I’ve got I’ve comeout of my shell a lot more so to speakand I want to help other people do thatbecause I think you know everybody’sdifferent in their life journey but Ithink that some people you know areafraid you know they let fear controltheir lives and I want to help peopleget through the fear and so they don’thave to live with lifetime of regretsfor the things that they didn’t do and Ithink for me because of my myjourneyings and being injured that’s youknow that the audience that I want towork with and help yeah and you knowwhat you so I am looking at things overthe last several years and it’s when Irealized that I could do more than justwork day to day that I could be morethan just being a legal assistant orsomething else so I’ve set off on ajourney actually to help youngentrepreneurs and I’m actually launchinga huge project where we’re providingentrepreneurial experience is to use theaged candidate teen because we want tohelp them learn how to becomeentrepreneurs and intrapreneurand basically quite the overwhelminglevels of youth unemployment that arethroughout the world is I do certaincivilian youth unemployed throughout theworld it’s no good I look at my teenswho are about to enter the workforce andI think what is out there for themthere’s so many teens and graduates andgraduate to just they can’t find workand I want to empower them to be able tocreate their own work where there isn’tworth its own existence and you lookover the last 10 years everything haschanged so rapidly like look at thiswe’re talking from two differentprovinces about a subject many years agopeople wouldn’t even thought about nothey wouldn’t think about living aremarkable life because you went toschool you went to work and you earned apension and then you retired it wastraveling it wasn’t about seeing theworld it wasn’t about solving issuesmaybe you volunteered or in a serviceclub but it wasn’t let’s make an impactlet’s change the world let’s help othersyes oh that’s really where I’m comingfrom I want to have that impact and mywhole family’s on board it’s greatbecause I’m teaching my kids and I’vegot four of them so I have quite ahandful here teaching them how to giveback and help others my youngestdaughter she’s 10 now that she’s donatedher hair twice to cancer she’s raisedmoney for charity water to give peoplein Africa water that don’t have cleanwater and it’s something that to me Ialso need to help spread the word sopeople know that in other countriesthings like water is something that youhave to walk eight hours to get and eventhen it’s not clean water so you have totake impact I want to have in the worldI want to teach others in countries atCanada and US and other developednations that we’re so fortunate andblessed to have what we haveyou know we make so much whereas othercountries are struggling with water theydon’t have a diversity they don’thave toilets no yeah that’s our bigthing nowadays and they don’t have themmeanwhile we have toilets that we’reflushing the keyhole away leaders andgallons of perfectly clean drinkablewater every time regulations that’scrazyand Charlene I agree we do want to teachthat their joy in giving and helpinglike that I think it’s both cabin deniesone of our main goals is to make surethat we’re giving and helping andteaching others that it’s not only selffulfilling but it’s joyful receive joyreceive pleasure for being able to helpothers and being able to inspire othersis just an absolute wonderful thing yeahI agree and I think you know you talkedabout how this living or remarkable lifemovement is fairly new and and I thinkyou’re going on with that you know theother cool thing I think that happens asyou know Warren where people start goingdown this path and inspiring others whenyou say it just becomes this likesnowball effect so to speak where youhave more and more people seeing thatthis kind of life is possible right andit just inspires others and more and itjust grows and grows and you know overit’ll be pretty cool to see what happensover the next ten years you know I thinkit with the media and using againeverything it’s uh it’s it’s hard tostay positive sometimes because there’sso much negative you can use andeverything like that but when you’repart of communities like this and seeingall the positivity and the great thingsthat people are doing it inspires likeyou say inspires others and it’s justgoing to help humanity really on aglobal scale saw some really bigchallenges but you know I think we’recapable of amazing things as its speciesand if we can work together and helpeach other out like you know there’s nolimit to what we what we can do ohabsolutely and I think it’s just sowonderful that we can talk now as aglobal nation let’s talk a little bitabout Millennials for a secondMillennials the next generation that’smoving into the workforce they’realready wired to think global and theyseem to be wired with that social goodaspect already built in so everythingthey’re 10 has that social good how doyou think that looks for the future Imean I think your your bang on like I’m30 so I’m kind of just before themillennial generation right I mean I doremember a time where we didn’t have theinternet and we didn’t have things likethis where we can talk you know topeople on the other side of the worldsee them and it’s just like you’resitting you know cross the room for meand that social consciousness also likeit’s just it’s something that thisgeneration is growing up with from thevery from their very first memoriesthey’ve never known any other ways andyou know I think it’s going to beincredibly powerful you know you alreadyyou’re starting to see it a little bitin politics as younger people aregetting elected they’re starting to tryand change some of the old ways realthoughts the political systems stilldefinitely dominated by older generationyou know entrenched you know people withtheir their special interests andwhatnot but it is fully starting tochange and I think your bang onto thetechnology and the attitudes of theyounger generation is only going to helpaccelerate that over the coming you knowcome in you know years in Texas MikeHammond you are in millennial hmm yeah Ibarely I’m just a little bit beyond butI feel I have a lot of millennialtendencies immortal soul I have amillennial soul at 38 so I’m technicallya young entrepreneur based on some rulesbecause some people go up to 40 howcrazy is that I’m a young entrepreneurbut at 55 there could be a senior yeahyeah I want to comment on what sterlingjust said there about Millennials andhaving access to low voice you’re rightyou know we’re very fortunate in theWestern world you know North America andEurope and Asia are yes to some degreeto have this instant access forthere’s no cost on that what lets usknow we have access to any informationbasically in all of recorded historylike that and we take for granted andthat might be you know for someMillennials here that’s probably a bitof a challenge that they just you takeit so for granite cause you are alwayshad it but the population you knowthere’s a couple billion people inAfrica and in India you know parts ofAsia that don’t have this access yet butthat’s something that you know there’sbig projects underway to get access andyet those places connected and like justimagine the new ideas and perspectivesthat those people are going to bringinto the global community like you talkabout probably you know what’s in thenext decade I mean even in our communitylook what we can do now versus ten yearsago with my knowledge II and I bet youby you know 2025 it I don’t even knowit’d be pretty hard to predict what kindof access there will be but I thinkpretty much everyone on the planetshould should have access by that pointbased on what I’ve heard about you knowsome of the things some of thesecompanies are doing to try and geteverybody connected so let’s back up fora second there in those wants to know alittle bit about living a remarkablelife so to explain it again living aremarkable life is not living anordinary life it’s not waking up eachmorning going to work coming homesleeping and going back it’s not onlydoing your regular work whatever youneed to do to meet your basic needs butit’s giving back it’s giving forwardit’s having an impact by helping othersand providing assistance to others youknow so I hope that answers yourquestion a little bitkirinda Nick rinder sorry there’s somany ways you can do ithold on one second yeah there is youknow like a reckless saying there is somany ways you can doin general yes yeah so yeah there’s somany ways that you can help others havea remarkable life as well and set anexample for othersCarly’s asking will this be a podcast orsomething I have no idea this is ourfirst one my blab and Kevin’s first ohwell um we’ll see where it goes whoknows it could be an interesting thoughtI’d love to talk more about some of thethings that we could do as a society wewere talking about some of the lack ofaccess to tools one of the interestingthings I saw recently are the solarlights where not only can they chargesolar lights and have lights so peoplecan learn in undeveloped countries inthe evenings and things like that butthey can also plug in and charge theircell phone has a lot of developingcountries there is a huge amount of cellphone use yeah they don’t haveelectricity to charge a cell phone sothey have to travel quite a distancejust to charge their phone which is tous inconceivable crazy like how long canwe go without our phones yeah until youget withdrawal Kevin I actually I did aI do month-long experiments and I didactually do an O smartphone monthearlier this year and I left it at hometreated it like a landline and you knowwhat life went on I survived it itwasn’t actually that hard oh why did youcreate our the other day myself I can gowithout it but I do like having theaccess to be able to look up a recipe orfind some information I like having thatinstant accent no it’s something thatdefines me yeah I do like having it wellI think but you make a good point aboutthe the infrastructure like I you’reright the cell phones are basicallyeverywhere and that might be in a waythat Joanie’s these areas that don’thave the physical landlineinfrastructure get the access of theinformation but then if they can’t keepthe technology chargedlet’s you see you don’t have like in theevening you can’t read your phonebattery dies well there you go you canget access that to that to thatinformation so those solar especially ina place like Africa when I get so muchsunlight if you have you know selfcharging solar stations at every councillevel swimming like that it’s just thepotential that that brings for theinformation also probably for water likeyou know you can then get waterpurification systems installed that canyou know run off that power engines andthen you think about some the batterytechnology that’s being developed bycompanies and how that’s rapidlyimproving combined not together and allof a sudden the lack of physical powerlines everywhere like we have in NorthAmerica isn’t such a problem anymore andyou look at how little this wouldactually cost on an overall basis togive all these different areas tricityand power and Internet and things likethat and I know I wonder myself what canI do to help these communities how couldI get them things as simple as solarlights and what would that cost me toprovide that so that I know somethingI’m looking into myself what can I do todo that because look at the cost ofdifferent things that they’re knockingthings as simple as buying chickens andstuff like that for the village like thecost of that is so little to us but tothem it’s out of reach yeah yeah so whatcan we do as a society because we don’twant to just provide a band-aid solutionwhere we’re giving them stuff we want toactually teach them how to be able toself-sustain in tomorrow to turn on fishso to speak right exactly exactlybecause it’s so important if you’re justhanding people things without teachingthem how to start building it themselvesthat’s no good it’s not that peopledon’t need handouts and emergencies anddifferent situations but you have tomake sure you’re not just putting abandaid on the solution in you’reteaching them how to then use theknowledge to build their own stuff or tocreate income to make it sustainable sothey can then buy their own chickensdown the road or or figure out how togive them the technology they and thenteach them how to build it or teach themhow to make money from it without justgiving them the product and then havethem sell it because there’s value tothat and I know that was one of theissues and things like diva cups thefeminine sanitary cups they were givingthem out but then the people receivingthem we’re turning around and sellingthem for profit so that then eliminatedthe good of providing that sanitarybenefit to girls so they could go toschool yeah yeah yeah yeah it’s not soit’s not simple solutions all thesethings are very complex but you knowwhen you talk about what we can do tohelp and going back to living aremarkable life I think when you look ata lot of the people who have been youknow successful at doing socialentrepreneurship and things like that alot of them as part of their theirmissions and in their companies donatesubstantial parts of their their youknow revenues to causes such as you knowcharity water and you know whatever elsebecause nonsenseyep TOMS shoes exactly because he’s alot of people to very poor realize thatmoney is not it’s not all it’s about thepeople it’s not about the money okaygive me two seconds they’re good I’lljust keep on talking but once once youreach that certain level of income andthen really incredible things with withyou know the reach that some of thesepeople have and giving back to the worldand helping helping other people andjust a lot of them are very selfless Ithink that’s definitely a pretty commontrait among living a remarkable lifecrowd we see well so how would yourecommend people start living aremarkable life what’s something that wecan tell some of our viewers or Watchersto start Ewing now what can they do um Imean for me it’s I think doing trying tobreak the routine you know I kind oflook at it like waking up from from theChina zombie state that a lot of peoplequite frankly are in you know get up goto work watch TV go repeat day after dayafter day and for me when I startedbreaking free of that routine and notjust following the herd so to speaktrying new things you know doing a monthwithout TV doing you know starting tolisten to podcasts instead of watchingyou know or playing video games talkingother people are going to meet us andyou know needing other people in thecommunity or who are doing things likethis you start to get ideas and thenjust run with them you know maybe wouldbe writing about about them helps anywayand you just start iterating so to speakto try and find what what you’re reallyinterested in passionate about and ifnot something I don’t think from almostanyone can just like painful oh yeah I’mgoing to start doing this it takes timeto try to discover what you really wannawork on but at the same time you know ifyou take a look around or look back overyour life and maybe books that you reada lot of or topics that you really getinto and you’re talking about trying toturn to identify and ignore opposedbecause it’s funny how like yourintuition kind of knows what you shouldbe doing and maybe a lot of us to pushthat down and you know the rationalbrain takes over but some yep I don’tknow experimenting and trying thesethings is a great way in my experienceand always know definitely getting outthere talking to others and one of thebest things you can do one of the ways Iknow I found some the things I waspassionate about was getting out thereand talking to other people and you canstart giving back start living aremarkable mind am i all really fuzzyfunky sounding because i even getting alot of feedback on mind not too bad okayokay um so anyways you can start likeright now to start living a remarkablelife and finding what you’re reallypassionate about may take time it maytake a day it may take a month that maytake years yeah but it’s something youcan start tomorrowstart eating gold visit sites likecoexist or some of the fourths articleslook at what is happening in not onlyyour community but in the world and seewhat really bugs you that was one of thebest ways to find out what is a greatpath for you to look at what really bugsyou most Carly coexist is a website Ithink it’s cold out exists or somethinglike that if you google it it will comeup and they have amazing articles on alltypes of weird bizarre stuff things likesoftballs that generate energy verticalhydroponic farming communities just tonsof amazing things that somebody outthere thought of and created that andreally change the worldstop watching as much TV that’ssomething that really helps immediatelya lot of TV nowadays just completelydrains your brain cells that think abouthow you’re spending your time are youspending your time wiselywhat is filling your head with are youfilling your head with negativity areyou listening to people complain andrant in line the whole time are youwatching shows that are all aboutviolence and stuff like that are youwatching things that are challengingyour mind are you spending timelistening to positive stuff instead oneof the biggest things about negativityand if you work with negative people oreverybody that you’re surroundingyourself with they’re negative peoplethey’re going to bring you down andthey’re not going to encourage you tolive a remarkable life onone of the biggest examples I love isthat of the crabs in the market if yousurround yourself with negative peopleor whole bunch of crabs and you want toget out of living like a crab they willkeep pulling you down as you try andclimb out of the bucket so imagine abunch of crabs in a bucket you want toclimb out you’re climbing out you’reclimbing out but they’re going to keeppulling you down back into that negativecircle and that’s not where you want tobe you want to get out of that bucketand you want to make sure that peopleyou’re surrounding yourself with are thepeople that you inspire to be like thepeople who makes you feel good not onlyabout yourself but about the future andyour community so make sure you’relooking for those type of people andsurrounding yourself with those peoplebecause it makes such a huge differenceand you will find yourself happier youwill find yourself more fulfilled andyou start finding that path that you’remeant to be on some of you may have beenhere before we officially started andone of the songs is playing with the BeeGees I wake me up and that song is to mejust just a wonderful because it’s allabout finding where you fit in in lifeand it’s all about finding those peoplethat are really meant to be your tribe Iknow Kevin and I have found some of ourtribe through world domination summitwhich is actually what has led I knowmyself on a path to live a remarkablelife we already they’re heading that waybut it’s things like that where you cometogether in a community of people whosupport whatever you’re doing and so itwas amazing wasn’t it currentlyI love wdf what is changing for sure forme yeah was it your first year secondyear or the first year for me well thisis my second year and I just love worlddomination anyway so yes is good like itit’s so inspiring and it’s finding yourtribe it’s finding those people who arereally going to lift you up and help youlive a remarkable life and help you hereto change the world andbeing in a community like that is justso powerful so when you surroundyourself with those people in youreveryday life then it’s just going tomake a huge difference yeah yeah I thinkI’m the tail and head of our communityum it’s just so powerful and I think inthis day and age we have the technologyto interact online and that definitelyhelps with and it goes a long way but ifyou’re going to find out in your in yourhometown to find those like-mindedpeople you can actually physically spendtime with and interact with in the realworld it makes a big difference and youknow what sites like meetup calm forexample you I just started at Calgaryworld-changers meetup group on there andI got like 25 members in the first twodays may I not so but there’s people outthere that are looking for this and it’sactually pretty easy to find yourself togo out there and be willing to putyourself out there and like you sayabout who you’re spending your time withyou hear you notice that that you’re theaverage of the five people you spend themost time with and I know for me youknow my close friends our universityfriends our social activities usuallyrevolve around going to the bar ordrinking or whatever and we talk aboutthe same five things basically over andover and over again and I mean they’regood people and everything like that butthey’re not as motivated as I am to livea remarkable life and then you know asI’ve reflected on it over the last six12 months you know when I realize howmuch that maybe held me back over thelast few years because I’ve been tryingto do this for like five years and nowI’m really starting to gain momentum andprobably the biggest reason why isbecause I’ve really gotten engaged incommunity and spending time with otherpeople and seeing the possibilitiesbecause I’m meeting you know what WDS Imet some incredible people who who aredoing this full-time and it’s like okayyou know they can do it I know I can doit and it’s amazing the power that canhave when you’re on your mindset it justtreatsjust internal yeah and no it’s okay toto do things epified only myself withall my dependents and everything else iam actually starting a full-time job onMonday but I’m starting company thatthat I need still to do my feel good mygive back my teen program in theevenings and we can do that time so youcan still do that and other things youcan do to start finding your path orliving your remark elective in collegehere and your communities to check outthings like thanks or degree or shelterswhatever you’re interested in you canhousing out education and like there’sgroups for everything in your local townstart and find out where you fit becausemaybe there’s an organization out therethat seems like it might be right to youso check it out and see if it is no goto a different one we’re gonna boardlearn how to run a board meeting if youneed to learn how to start makingchanges go to different locks andfundraisers and just find out what’sgoing on a great way to find people whocare about their community well I guessmight be in an hour so should we endthis here uh yeah it’s up to you I’mgoing there to keep going it’s a littlebit longer but I mean oh you got thekids like there and you know I’m down toone kid today there’s only with one ohthat’s not too bad yes and he said Ithink it’s dad so his dad that where youare so yeah so I’m actually free as abird today but yeah I’m fine keep ontalking so you’re talking about whatyou’re wanting to do you have any ideaswhat you’re going to do next yeah I dohave a few ideas i one of my big takeaways from WDS was this power ofcommunity and really wanted to to buildon that um I was thinking well I wasthere you know I’m I’m an introvertedperson so it was a stress to go thereand and I went by myself so meeting newpeople it’s not easyI didn’t hear part of me I did it lastyear by myself yelling no way but butthen and then I started thinking aboutit well you know you meet other lots ofother people did get up the courage togo by themselves but how many otherpeople was that too much of a stretchmaybe because it was too big of a gatherand maybe because it’s in Portland andit cost money to get there and it’s notsomething that’s you know you have to beat a certain level to be able to affordto go to something like thatbut for me as an introvert it was anamazing experience to meet so manylike-minded people and again seeing whatpeople are doing so you know I came upwith this idea of trying to build aglobal network of small meetup groups inyou know cities around the world sopeople can just go for coffee with otherintroverted people you know I think it’sa spectrum obviously an aversion toextraversion right and them differentpeople like different levels ofinteraction with other people but Ithink everybody likes some level ofinteraction and even fairly heavilyintroverted people if they know they’rehanging with people other introverts whoget their energy levels and they’re kindof how they go about living and gettingtogether in smaller groups I think thatthat could be pretty cool what couldhappen people meeting each other andsharing ideas and again just that thatbuilding another community and so I’mgoing to be launching a site calledintroverts unite org and basicallylooking for other people to step up andvolunteer to host meetups in their ownsounds and just see you know my grandgoal is to have a ten by the end of thisyear like ten different cities of thesegroups and then 15 I kind of I’d like toget to at least 100 so and that’s justpurely about connecting people that’snot business or anything it’s just aboutthe community and then so the otherthing I’m going to do is lunch I’m goingto launch a new blogand called adventurous introvert aboutmy China journey turn my thoughts onalso different topics and what’s a bitof an introvert you know climb to it andand then I would like I do want to getinto coaching and helping others like Isaid earlier so just getting the writingout there starting to build some contentand then trying to turn that into intobusiness possibly yes so and I amleaving my full-time job here at acouple weeks but I also have some sidework kinda related to it that I’m goingto do to you know cover expenses andwhatnot in the meantime while I buildthat up yeah because that’s definitelythe hard part is covering those expenseswhile you’re launching your project andit can be very tough but it can be doneit can be done yeah like you know youand I are very different positions inour lives but you know you’re finding away to do it and I find a way to do itand it’s just a matter of being open toyou know coming up with alternativesolutions yeah it means probably notwatching as much TV or something likethat right but the people do it all thetime no sleep you can have like I justhave to be willing to put in put in thethe effort yeah for most of us worldchanges I think we’re probably puttingan average of what 70 to 80 hours a weekby the time we’re done with it I know Iwill be and I know I have been in thelast several months I’ve been working agood sixty hours plus on my nextadventure my entourage start org and itfeels good it doesn’t feel like workwhen you like you’re doing and that’sthe best thing that’s when you knowyou’re doing the right thing and you’reheading on that path to living aremarkable life because you’re likingwhat you do you’re loving what you doand you can’t wait to wake up in themorning and if you’re dreading Sundaynight if you’re dreading Monday morningit might be time to re-examine your lifebecauseyou shouldn’t be living for Friday no noliving Friday’s is the worst thing inthe world and there’s nothing that’sgoing to bring you down more than livingonly for Friday’s you’re living only forthe weekend you need to be enjoying lifethe rest of the weekend yeah you mayhave to work you’re going to have towork and you’re going to have to workhard but you can do it in a place whereyou’re feeling happier you’re feelingwe’re excited and as I said earlier evenif you don’t necessarily love whatyou’re doing during the day to make yourbasic income you can be doing stuff inthe evenings and on the weekends that doexcite you so you’re still excited tocome Friday night or Monday morningbecause you know that after you do yourwork you’re like day job or whateverthat you’re going to be able to go anddo something else exciting whether it’sdoing a podcast or you’re volunteeringor maybe it’s creating jewelry orsomething else or I can’t you knowyou’re going to be excited so yeah um noI think you’re I think you’re going on Iknow the energy like you said when itfeels right and you’re easier to do itlike I find with me anyways it energizesme and it’s you don’t get tired evenwhen you’re working tons of our youenjoy it and it it feeds on itself andum it’s a pretty cool feeling reallyyou’re more creative feeling the peoplearound you are more excited and a lot ofyour eyes blue when you talk about itexactly and honestly I think it’sgenerally better for your health youknow to be in a state like that thepeople that are like you say dreadingMondays and only working for the weekendthat mental state is not healthy in thelong term I don’t think in size but youknow you said if you can get a sideproject going that that’s what feedsyour soul and your energy I I thinkhealth-wise it’s made a huge differenceand rich the creative comments here yeswe do have to meet our basic income thatis definitely a requirement but itdoesn’t mean that we have to be doingsomething that’s extremely bad if you’renot happy and what you’re doing it maybe that you need just a change ofworkplace or maybe weed toyou take a different responsibility itcan make a huge difference you don’thave to work somewhere them bringing youdown so bad that it makes you sick nostill work itself to be able to beatyour basic income but there aredefinitely ways to make that better yeahyou don’t have to work with that personthat is basically verbally abusive toyou or that is still negative and alltheir dealings that it just makes youcare launch site I know that so this ismy seven-year-old hearing laughter hi hiokaygo listen is your work that’s myyoungest one he’s decided to Skype allthe family members today Costardimportant to stay in touch with thefamily it is it is and since everybodythought traveling right now it’s verynice for him to do that so Rick I amglad you asked that question thoughbecause yes we we have responsibilitieswe can’t just go after our passionswithout some type of time to support usbut we can definitely find needs to doit yes freelance is a great way to dothings like that freelancing consultingstarting your own business it all takesa lot of work yeah you can always belooking at what works best for you andfor others and there’s always differentoptions and I think that’s somethingreally important for us all to rememberwhen we want to live a remarkable lifeto welcome new option yeahopportunities and say yes to differentopportunities at times if I didn’t sayyes to different opportunities in thelast five yearsI wouldn’t miss them an awful lot I knowI mean that you can’t say no sometimesyou need to say no as well but be opento those opportunities when they comeand look into them just don’t look at anopportunity and say oh I could never dothat if I said I could never do that Iwouldn’t have ended up in Australia thisyear and that was huge me I never wouldhave believed that I could berepresentingCanada going somewhere when I look backI got as a teen mom from a small townwho ever thought that I would do any ofwhat I’m doing today that I’m doing itand I’m just so determined to make surethat I keep doing wonderful things andliving a remarkable life that I’m goingto keep looking for ways to keep doingthat um yeah and I mean I don’t thinkeither of us would say it easy right butsome college you know and there’scertainly risk involved but um thepayoff that you can achieve by you knowliving a life on your terms it is moreremarkable or just you know the yourquality of life in your mental state orjust going to be so much better than ifyou just stay in a status quo becauseit’s easy even if it’s eating away youris your insides right like yeah itdoesn’t all stepping outside the box andthinking creatively and coming up withnew ideas and and it’s certainly noteasy but you’re willing to put in theeffort um I miss it’s a no-braineralmost it’s just the payoffs are justyou’re working well I’m going to say whydon’t we end this we’re about an hour 15minutes in and let’s chat about whetherwe want to do this again maybe pick acouple subjects and we can come backanother day and hope everybody’s minutesounds great to methose a lot of fun it was it was it wasgreat talking to you Kevin you ad areyou again soon okay thank you everyonefor joining us and I guess we just signoff now okay and this is recorded sothey can look replay if they want aswell cooltalk it out

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