Are you spending your time wisely?

Monday’s #TrepTip is coming to you a day late after being recorded close to midnight!

Have you considered how you are spending your time? Are you spending time wisely being productive or wasting it watching tv or playing games?

How can you maximize time and benefit?

The video is quite short – I made a commitment to do a video every day for a year and I really do not to miss any days though there will be the odd one that just will not get done.

Breaks and the Pomodoro Technique

Today just felt like a day to film outside and show you something I do in my downtime. I was also ready to take a short creative break after spending a few hours working online using the Pomodoro Technique. We add our own unique twist – the Archangel twist – and combine video chat with our sessions. Pomodoro Technique is the practice of breaking up your work day into short intervals. 25 minutes of work followed by a five minute break (we Archangels check in with each other if on a video session or have our own mini dance parties). Repeat 4 times and take a longer break 15-20 minute break.

Working in short intervals can help you stay focused on your task. short activity breaks also give you a chance to let out some energy or frustration, clear your head and refocus.

Take a few days to try this technique yourself and see if it helps your productivity – I know it helps mine!