I am on a mission to empower people, inspire innovation, transform lives and connect communities. 

Part of my mission means helping you move forward in your own venture by giving you the ability to stay accountable to yourself. I know how tough being a serial entrepreneur is and when you have kids, a spouse or other responsibilities it gets even harder! The entrepreneur life is full of ups and downs and it helps to have someone to talk to that is completely neutral – not a family member, friend, partner or employer. Together we can work through issues, talk strategies and get you back on the path to success and happiness.

I have been a serial entrepreneur for over a decade, a parent for two and a half decades and have also battled depression and anxiety. Resiliency and talking have been keys to handling a very busy life with 4 kids, several businesses, community activities and numerous other events. I even get to sleep once in a while!

A lifelong learner, I stay up to date on new trends, needs and strategies with a focus on global entrepreneurship, strategic shifts and social good. In 2014, I recruited 52 entrepreneurs from around the globe to help form the groundwork for EntreLaunch  resulting in a second place finish in a global business plan pitch. In 2012, our StartUp Weekend team placed second for their FreshCube pitch on vertical hydroponic farming inside repurposed cargo containers. I also love to travel around to world to learn from the perspective of others. Since 2010 I have visited Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Australia, Colombia, South Africa and various places in the United States including New York, Los Angeles and Portland.

I am a founding member of StartUp Canada Barrie community, was a delegate to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) in 2014 and a delegate at the Global Entrepreneurial Congress (GEC) in 2016 and 2017. I also sit on the Georgian College BENT (Entrepreneurship) Advisory board and the Simcoe Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Committee and was previously vice-chair of the Barrie Public Library Board.

EntreLaunch Logo v7_googleplus 2120x1192Currently, I am working EntreLaunch, a global entrepreneurial program for teens. We are very excited about this program as our goal is to provide entrepreneurial experiences and encourage creativity in youth to allow them to develop the skills needed to become entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in a world where youth unemployment is at an all-time high, even with post-secondary education.


EntreLaunch is on a mission to change the world by empowering youth to
think creatively, create social impact and think outside the box. In the next
5 years, our goal is to help over 150,000 youth build a brighter future
through informal learning programs, workshops and entrepreneurial

Vision Statement:

For all youth to feel empowered to create their own future and positively
impact the global community.

Youth unemployment is a huge issue with 73 million youth unemployed globally.  Many new graduates are unable to find satisfactory full-time positions when leaving school and thus become unemployed or work several part-time unskilled jobs just to make ends meet. Our programs provide youth with an opportunity to experience entrepreneurial learning and encourages entrepreneurship as a viable career option thus reducing youth unemployment levels and contributing to a stable economy.

EntreLaunch provides training, youth funding and instills a sense of confidence in youth that allows for innovation and exploration into new fields. Some members will lead the way to innovation as intrapreneurs.

In late 2018, we will launch a catalyst program providing community bonds, grants and microloans to youth to start their own entrepreneurial ventures.

 Notable Accomplishments

  • Lead of Young Entrepreneurs Club team for Copenhagen Business School MOOC

  • Contributor to Globe & Mail

  • Canadian Delegate to G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit – Sydney, Australia 2014

  • Founder of Triigo.com

  • Organizer of Unleashing Ideas events

  • Speaker

  • Founder of EntreLaunch Inc. and EntreLaunch Foundation

  • Founder of 2nd place team at Startup Weekend Barrie – freshCUBE

  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 – Simcoe County Young Professionals Association

  • Founder of the Canadian Coalition for Parental Rights (1998-2000)

  • Recipient of Adam Chowaniec Memorial Fund for Global Entrepreneurship


Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun – Albert Einstein